Jenny Butler

After being nearly murdered by the NHS then harassed to date for contracting Tuberculosis which was untreated and developed into Addison’s disease, I have decided I MUST have the best and most healthy diet that can even combat Tuberculosis. I hope you enjoy my recipes and with each bite we will fuck over the NHS.

I previously thought you had to go to Pakistan to get Tuberculosis but apparently you can get it here in East London and after a tribunal and investigation was spread by the pretenscious University of East London.

If I were in Pakistan I would actually have been more likely to have been treated for Tuberculosis and would not now be irreversibly and permanently sick with Addison’s disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, chronic pain, chronic fatigue syndrome and malnutrition which is worrying as Pakistan has the worst health standards in the WHOLE WORLD, after the NHS obviously.

Hopefully through compensation owed to me as well as my dead son the NHS and various arseholes will turn my HOW TO BUILD A WOMAN into a mass corporation, before I decide to leave this fucking pestilential country full of lower and upper class scum stupefied by untreated infection and a diabolical NHS full of even more stupefied stifled staff who think torture is a new anti biotic.

Journalist, Community Writer