Someone had to say it.

Vive la France (!)

Apparently the woman is OBSESSED with French style.

How unpatriotic.

Now apparently Will is fucking (a) French woman/women.

It looks like in this relationship, curiosity REALLY did kill, the so called cat.

Maybe paramedic Will can introduce Kate to Talking Therapies, so she can vent out her anger in more healthy, less nasty and vexatious ways.

What is also interesting about this photo, is for the very first time, you can actually see her hair is dyed and so the ONE AND ONLY and very first intimate supposed press interaction and coverage of herself and her ‘natural hair routine’ is totally futile, a joke and a lie: fake witch.

At the end of the day, we all know it is still treason and our country is as a result not only fucked but TOTALLY fucked.

Looks like Kate really has, “filled her role” as a commoner (!)

ALL together now.

Time to fuck off to

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