I like to spicen this traditional Spanish dish with some Indian herbs and spices, tumeric (good for strong bones), cumin (full of iron), crushed chillies, black pepper and paprika (with a sweet flavour) works really well with the potatoes and onions in this traditional Spanish dish…

I also like to add sweet potatoes and peas to my tortilla as well as plain potatoes and onions, as I find their sweet taste pleasing for this savoury dish and they are full of fibre.

It’s also, like all of my recipes now, 100% vegetarian, if not, Vegan.

Olive oil, 0.5 teaspoon cumin seeds, 0.5 teaspoon ground cumin, 0.5 teaspoon tumeric, 0.5 teaspoon paprika, 0.5 teaspoon crushed chillies
1.5 large onions sliced NOT diced, 2 boiled potatoes sliced, 2 boiled sweet potatoes sliced, 1 handful of peas, 7 cloves of garlic, 1.5 teaspoon salt, 1 teaspoon black pepper, (is enough for 2 omlettes) split the mixture and remove half from the frying pan before adding 3 whisked eggs to the remaining half and grilling the top in the oven for 1 omlette.
Curried tortilla sandwich with ketchup
and Vegan margarine that actually tastes like salted butter…

Total Cost: Maybe £1 for the electric, as usual I used up the potatoes and ingredients I had in the fridge…

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