Jeffrey Epstein & Prince Andrew’s Legacy…

“…Whilst HRH The Duke of Cambridge Prince William and HRH The Duchess of Cambridge Princess Kate enter into a ‘new chapter’ into their relationship today, taking on more royal duties, I delight, if that is quite the correct word in knowing, they are not alone on their journey, just like we are not alone. We really are ‘in this together’ thanks to a diabolical legacy…”

I think this is WHAT HRH Prince William meant when he told Harry to be careful with Meghan, which is as far as I am aware, still a dog’s name.

Anyways, on the bright side, I guess she did prove to be a good ‘red herring’ for Harry, so now HRH Prince William and HRH Princess Kate can get rid of that ginger and get on with proper royal duties.

Using her cousin’s love of cannabis as a linchpin to indicate she is ALL ABOUT BLACK CIVIL RIGHTS when cannabis was and still is actually used, just like Opium was used on the Chinese during the 100 year Opium Wars to mentally retard, slow down and tranquilise black slaves on the job, despite its healing properties such as 1. Being used as an anti inflammatory for arthritis I have found or 2. Even diminishing the size of cancer cells IF YOU HAVE CANCER this research is currently being carried out at St George’s hospital London, even many rastafarians are in fact AGAINST smoking weed due to this long standing history, tradition and culture of mental slavery thus making Meghan Markle appear to be either 1. A slave owner and or drug dealer, trafficker, phaedophile, whore or 2. Part of Jeffrey Epstein’s empire, which really DOES explain a lot.

It also explains WHY Diana got in such a mess too now, she introduced Sarah Ferguson to Prince Andrew but I guess Fergie was never enough, like a candle in the wind, before we knew it, Diana was gone and Fergie fucked off.

Diana was apparently killed off by these nasty men through extortion too, see, sexual abuse like women’s work, is never done.

“They will do anything and everything to make you look MAD and discredible” an illiterate black ex convict tells me. His dad was killed in the Kendal Crash and he still cries about the loss of his dad and the diabolical impact this had on his life afterwards. He has no teeth and although he’s atleast about 60 I have to look after him, like a child.

I try to make him fried tuna and rice but most days I just end up buying soft white Tiger Bread, buttering 2 slices and he asks me to cut off the crusts because he likes this better and its all he can manage. He gets angry more frustrated easily and went to prison for sexual crimes of some kind, see ‘what comes around goes around’ and I hope that teaches people to stop what they are doing because although he no doubt tried to assault me, he was my friend and just a baby in my eyes who made me cry too.

He cried a lot and cried in the night because he was cold, so I give him the woolen blankets that Patrick wrapped around himself and used to keep himself warm in my previous flat, give him 8 drawing pins and a step ladder, to use as curtains to insulate his freezing bedroom with leaks coming from the ceiling.

We laugh together too and when I manage to upload the PRIMARY EVIDENCE proving Dr Kolvo attempted manslaughter at North Middlesex University Hospital informed by WHO I wonder under the title ‘HOW To TURN YOUR PROSECUTOR INTO YOUR OWN PROSECUTION’ I start bouncing on the bed to make it sound like we are having sex, as he sits laughing at the kitchen table, “do I sound like I’m having a good time Robert, do I sound like I’m having a good time, do I sound like I’m having a good time yer, uuh, uhh, uhh” I laugh but he gives me for the first time, that look of paternal responsibility and a slight smirk.

He has a piece of worn out A4 paper and it is folded into several ‘compartments’ in a organised mess type of way to form a small square that is strong. He unfolds the paper and just like me, he has very carefully copied and inscribed in biro, several phone numbers of people to ring in an emergency, one is a lawyer called Mercurius Taylor he tries to give me her number and get me in touch with her but the bitch lawyer just copies my website and tells me she’s getting married, as if that means her career is over. It is now.

When the half Palestinian and half Egyptian man downstairs who claims to be everything and everyone from a police man to an agent for London Online to a member of Hamas which are all complete contradictions finds out, he tries to murder us both.

Meanwhile, despite the fact that HRH The Duke of Cambridge and his wife HRH The Duchess of Cambridge may be the future King and Queen and most powerful man and woman in the country right now, Living in a small flat taking care of the boys herself Princess Diana had to sell off her jewellery just to get by and survive. Those who tried to break the silence were arse raped by Prince Andrew and his gang, often in hospitals, mental institutions or sectioned and black listed. Even those who wanted to help her, couldn’t. Elton John did his best. HRH Prince William had to endure this for the best part of his childhood, he had to watch his mother an iconic Saint like woman, so powerful yet so powerless at the same time.

Whilst HRH The Duke of Cambridge Prince William and HRH The Duchess of Cambridge Princess Kate enter into a ‘new chapter’ into their relationship today, taking on more royal duties, I delight, if that is quite the correct word in knowing, they are not alone on their journey, just like we are not alone. We really are ‘in this together’ thanks to a diabolical legacy.

He now spends his days driving a helicopter ambulance which his mother introduced him to, just trying to save everybody. I think people forget how sensitive HRH Prince William is sometimes, naturally he’s protective over Kate and the family he always should have had.

It’s a shame people had to treat and devoure the mother of our future King this way but I suppose like every cloud has a silver lining, this is the legacy of Jeffrey Epstein et al and it will inform the future way our leaders choose to lead and treat people in return, especially when they have kids themselves.

I’ve had Rt Hon MP David Lammy beg for forgiveness in a church at a special members only Christmas ‘party’ in 2019, very very shortly AFTERS as a matterif fact I was nearly beaten to death by the police in my sleep in a bed at North Middlesex University hospital in Tottenham. I’d never met David Lammy but his guilty conscience was clearly, too much for him to handle.

“Nobody cares” David Lammy (his own words), we’ll do the same to your fucking wife and kids as what you did to us and we know you live in fear your kids will get stabbed and murdered too you said so in the newspaper. Justice Secretary at the time, as if you’re really scared your kids will get killed without justice, nice little attempt at a potty party. Sorry, pity party. Your wife Nicky Green a brand of toilet paper might I add, a spoilt, scum, dirty, stupid blonde whore of a woman even brings YOU of all people to rock bottom.

Speaking of being made to look MAD and discredible, I myself have had my clothes taken, been given disgusting, embarassing and or dirty clothes inside a 4×4 car and dumped on the side of a road, usually somewhere quite close but not close enough to home, meaning I’ve had to walk on the side of a main road back home, looking like some kind of whore, or on public transport, in front of people who potentially know, or atleast know of me. This has happened between 3-5 times as far as I remember. The man was clearly insane but they’re not always which is worrying.

I went to the type of school where our current leaders went, our prime minister went to in fact. While I spent most my days not eating unaware I was Anorexic from about 8 and making myself sick, the stress was enough to make my brother physically sick by himself he tells me at a fairly young age “we all had it tough, not just you Jenny”.


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