Meghan Markle Just Wanted To Be On Oprah Winfrey So She Could Try To Be MORE Famous Than Kate Middleton.

When is someone going to tell that bombshell of collateral damage, she’s still fucking the wrong guy (!)

“…If only, it were, still, the ‘Scramble For Africa’ then maybe Meghan Markle could ‘be the victim’ she always wanted to be and have the pity party she ALWAYS wanted to have, or maybe even still feel wanted…”

“…Looks like some OTHER BIRD, a pooing pigeon to be precise, took control of that for her…”

“…G-d works in mysterious ways sometimes…”

Wow, this Meghan Markle could feature on my F*ck Row every week but really I don’t want to give the nasty ugly hoe the publicity she doesn’t deserve.

This is almost as funny as that movie The Love Guru with Mike Myers in it -His only chance or hope of NOT being the SECOND BEST Love Guru in the world in competition with the FIRST BEST flawless Deepak according to his PA, is by going on Oprah Winfrey.

After naming her daughter Baby Elizabeth however, I don’t think Oprah can even take her seriously and I think that pigeon may NOT be full of shit after all.

After her supposed husband who was never a prince but a spawn of treason and who thus struggles like James Hewitt with drugs, retardation, his sense of identity and the blame of killing his own mother, came up with the term ‘unconscious racial bias’ some 11 years after this BUZZWORD from Critical Race Theory was used, looks like Meghan Markle needs to write ANOTHER book and do her research properly this time.

Yes it’s more about CLASS NOT RACE you fools.

Just Google it, seriously, I thought Canada was MEANT to be the most 5G connected location in the world.

Obviously the mentally sick, sorry, mentally so selfish she appears sick woman, is so thick, she can’t even pretend to be clever.

Even her dad tried to tell her before she got married but she gave the poor guy a heart attack.

After Prince Harry decided THIS YEAR to steal and sell my INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY AGAIN to the Conservative party as a new potential legislation to abolish VISAs originally done under Rt Hon MP David Lammy’s government the Labour Party with EVIDENCE to prove this as my research actually proves that VISAS or what was at first previously called ‘racist tax’ are the root of financial racial inequality and thus all racial inequality in my eyes as everything comes down to maths at the end of the day, I really felt the need to write, just 1 more piece about this pathetic couple and the poor kids they are meant to offer supposed strength and guidance to in life, especially when they can’t EVEN come up with their own ideas when they “CARE SO MUCH ABOUT RACE” AS IF.

Why is she chemically treating her hair and bleaching her skin then (?) She must be sooo proud to be black.

Or stuck in the dark ages when racism actually still existed.

If only, it were, still, the ‘Scramble For Africa’ then maybe Meghan Markle could ‘be the victim’ she always wanted to be and have the pity party she ALWAYS wanted to have, or maybe even still feel wanted.

Using her cousin’s love of cannabis as a linchpin to indicate she is ALL ABOUT BLACK CIVIL RIGHTS when cannabis was and still is actually used, just like Opium was used on the Chinese during the 100 year Opium Wars to mentally retard, slow down and tranquilise black slaves on the job, despite its healing properties such as 1. Being used as an anti inflammatory for arthritis I have found or 2. Even diminishing the size of cancer cells IF YOU HAVE CANCER this research is currently being carried out at St George’s hospital London, even many rastafarians are in fact AGAINST smoking weed due to this long standing history, tradition and culture of mental slavery thus making Meghan Markle appear to be either 1. A slave owner and or drug dealer or 2. Part of Jeffrey Epstein’s empire, which really DOES explain a lot.

It also explains WHY Diana got in such a mess too now, she introduced Sarah Ferguson to Prince Andrew but I guess Fergie was never enough, like a candle in the wind, before we knew it, Diana was gone and Fergie fucked off. Diana was apparently killed off by these nasty men through extortion too, see, sexual abuse like women’s work, is never done. Living in a small flat taking care of the boys herself Diana had to sell off jewellery to arseholes etc, just to get by and survive. Those who tried to break the silence were arse raped by Prince Andrew and his gang, often in hospitals, mental institutions or sectioned and black listed. Even those who wanted to help her, couldn’t. Elton John did his best.

Looks like some OTHER BIRD, a pooing pigeon to be precise, took control of that for her.

G-d works in mysterious ways sometimes.

This is further HILARIOUS to the point of the ‘shit hitting the fan’ in terms of HOW Meghan will react when she realises HOW dumb she is (in Army diction), even if they WERE meant to be/planning to be the pioneers of a trail blazing anti racist revolt, the only way they saw themselves doing this was by/still being in Antithesis to the British Royal Family, one of the most democratic and anti-facist and anti-racist thinking peoples of the world, NOT exactly tactful diplomacy, especially when the wealth of Empire shifted from the hands of the monarchy into the hands of millionaires nearly 200 years ago.

Yer, I think Harry got a D in history, or was it Geography (?)

The least they could do is teach BAME their own history but they don’t even know who their own fucking parents are.

I hope they rot in hell and seeing as they are no longer royalty, looks like this time, I really can take them to court for stealing my IP.

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