Woman’s Politics Weekly: The DICK PROBLEM

Saturday 13th November 2021

“Soon robots will do all those dog domestic jobs” my friend replies to me.

“What can you get a robot to suck your dick ?” I reply.

HOW Neuro Linguistic Programming has destroyed Facebook, social media platforms and cyber space as a whole, meaning even educated men genuinely believe, Mark Zuckerburg is the next Hitler.

I saw that prostitute again last night.

She cracks me up.

She was asking people what date it was, they shrugged her off so I chatted to her, then she told me she has to wait 2 weeks before she gets paid her benefits she got paid 1800 quid yesterday and spent it overnight.

She does not give a Fuck I love it.

Last time I saw her she decided to half skip into a shop, take a pack of 20p sweets off the rack, whilst simultaneously apologising for stealing the sweets and half skipping out the shop at the same time.

If anything, the internet is turning women into robots, not threatening us with robots as was previously conceived: YOU are the ROBOT.

But YOU alternatively, have the CHOICE.

Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP however is a powerful and addictive tool.

Men love it.

Women love it.

Trying to live someone else’s life however, or fill someone else’s boots is only going to make you inherit all that person’s problems into your life AS WELL.

Teenagers are struggling to cope.

Some talent psychologists believe they can actually clone individuals through NLP.

As a result of the ‘identity crisis’ people feel through websites and social media platforms totally denying people the reality of their experiences, people are naturally drawn to more severe and polarising types of identity to give themselves high contrast and try to define themselves and their identity.

As a woman, I can’t help noticing all my posts have been popularised on google to discourage me and make me look like a complete sweaty socialist, when I am in fact a humanist.

WHY is Cyber Space going WRONG (?) The male dominated internet and WHY everything has turned into 1. Revenge porn 2. A dating website or 3. A device with the best, latest, and 4 camera lenses on it, 1 of which you don’t even use and cannot even focus properly using a hand held smart phone device.

Issues surrounding the ‘surveillance state’ and even if they are watching me, WHAT are they going to do about it (?)

Probably just send me another ad.

Some people are going so far as to say, the owners of social media websites, such as Facebook, are thus, denying people the freedom of choice but I think these people are badly influenced by adverts and have an addictive personality or are confused about their own gender identity, as men -as you will see this paper demonstrates, the internet is all about, not only simply denying women their sense of reality but moreover, about controlling women and channelling them, into destruction.

Even if you do do what you have to do on the internet, as a woman it is hard to escape the discouragement you will get just for being, a woman.

Some people say women are just ‘negative’ but I wish people would stop blaming the service users for the ethos, they promote.

So I was chatting to my male Bengali friend about how I feel regarding women’s rights in the supposed ‘present day’, I feel it a good starting place, especially as he was brought up as a muslim and I have found muslim women are treated with the highest respect, often even by their male counterparts and it’s a shame PM Boris Johnson had to go against the general consensus there. Hate crimes did go up, maybe Boris shouldn’t have said the things he said about muslim women in the first place.

WHY do ALL GUYS (including you not that it matters) say “sex is just sex” (?)

Maybe that’s WHY you’re all single (!)

And if it’s “just sex” WHY did you (men) do it (?)

Technically it’s adultery so can’t be that hard to behave ! Like stop stealing, it’s a bad habit that can easily be quelled (with the correct law and legislation).

The same goes for domestic duties, men tend to just disappear or go to the pub.

I like to moan about being a woman to this Bengali male friend of mine because it seems, as a BAME he too sees 1. A lot of things for example femininity as false white patriarchal formed constructs but also 2. Naturally coming form an Army family, similar to many BAME, fighting the Queen and country is the very last thing we have on our minds.

We are ultimately, looking for a solution but as debaters, it is impossible to ever come to a mutual agreement and he calls me a toxic feminist (!)

“Soon robots will do all those dog domestic jobs” my friend replies to me.

“What can you get a robot to suck your dick ?” I reply.

Muz has reached a stage of debating development where he agrees with women rights, but is still despite confessing he is apparently a ‘socialist’ NOT KEEN on the actually agency of these rights, the actual empowerment of women, I notice it makes him feel uncomfortable and he even presses his hands on his dick in his lap.

It’s fascinating to see how after a lager, fish and chips with mushy peas, he demonstrate, exactly how men not only think, (that a robot can actually remove the dust from the skirting board behind the bed) but also how men have in fact constructed the ever changing and rapidly developing technical world, to suit their needs and their priorities in life.

WHY is their so much revenge porn on the web (???)

It’s a no brainer tbh.

I am sure if more women were in to technology jobs, we’d have had a domestic robot sweeping the floor since 1956.

Sorry, that was my grandma.

Meanwhile, men are developing technology to suit their needs and priorities in life, whilst people like me, are still using the same technology that was first introduced to me in 1990, and still waiting after 30 years, for a blood glucose, heart and blood monitoring watch to become available on the NHS.

Naturally, as you see, the cyber world has beocome somehow ‘unbalanced’ as a result, I wonder WHY (!)

“Men are naturally headers” a housing inventory says to me.

I can understand how she must have come to her conclusion and it makes sense, men are, just like cowboys, when left to their own time and devices.

Look at Darwin, he liked to box and categorise each individual species and document them, in a book.

The web now has advanced and developed so quickly within a short amount of time sometimes it is difficult to trace the angel or demon behind the algorithms that process the information on the device.

Social media sites naturally get the blame, because then you are blaming the customer for not using the service correctly supposedly but at the same time HOW much of a role do people like Steve Jobs have in processing this data and how much power do they have over it and what can they do with it (?)

How can it affect and even harm you ?

Some people are even going so far as to say that social media sites especially Facebook are denying people the freedom of choice even.

Advertising has always served the purpose of trying to tantalise its customers.

Who puts the profile up there in the first place (?)

It was your choice and you decided to represent yourself, probably, as the ideal picture of yourself.

In effect, social media is like an online courtroom, you have to defend your slice of social media and not only guard your ‘territory’ which may involve your intellectual property but also, gain applause and fans at the same time.

It can therefore be a ‘hostel territory’ and my Bengali friend even goes so far as to say these web platforms, are ‘gas lighting’ him.

People keep inferring things he says, to completely destabilise his sense of reality.

It was originally a movie about a man who made his wife have a breakdown by doing this.

I guess now, you can understand HOW and WHY the internet has turned into 1. a major brothel and 2. A way of organising people especially in this case, marginalising, subjugating and isolating women..

It is actually quite sinister when you think about, every feminist seems to be cooped up in a box, or attack or under the stairs, trying to seek wifi by waving a phone around in the air.

Or maybe they have moved to the UK and occupy a small sleeping space or bedsit for freedom of speech, as we know it in the UK.

When you do finally get online, before you even try to start representing yourself via some social media platform, the dating apps come.

‘You must be a couple to be complete’ they all seem to say.

Dating has only ever, wasted my time, my money and energy.

I could and do, do without it, much better.

Then the next thing you’re faced with as a woman in the ever expanding and rapidly developing technological world or cyber space, is the porn, that is so aggressive, it makes you almost think that rape, is sex.

Its actually horrifying, as a woman, to watch.

If not, totally humiliating.

I’m not exactly prude but this is hostile, misinformed, destructive sex informed by a bunch of sociopaths known as web designers (?)

Young men in particular, seem to think that rough hard sex is WHAT a woman wants and the ultimate goal.

The next thing, after being told you are not representable or a human being unless you have a male partner, then 2 brainwashed by men that hard rough meaningless porn is good you are 3 bombarded with adverts about women’s standards:

  1. Keeping your house as clean as the front page of a Christmas edition of Good Housekeeping.
  2. Looking so thin, next you will be able to fit into your baby clothes (!) creating hostility amongst women when they should be in solidarity
  3. Having everything.

I guess these are, as noted by a pimp, the 3 things a (superficial) man wants in a woman: 1. good housekeeping, 2. a slim figure looks, and 3. an SAS type nature to come up with solutions to everything even things we desperately cannot afford and have to skip meals for.

No one has really done a thorough research into the damaging effects of NLP as it is presented in cyber space and on sicla media platforms as they do not know what NLP is and the Law Commission even wants to coin a new term called ‘gas lighting’, but I feel the research is already there, demonstrated most recently through the controversy of facebook and people starting to believe Mark Zuckerburg may be, the next Hitler (!)

I guess you could say that while some people see NLP as gospel, others see it as satanic, but naturally, people bounce off each other naturally, as competative beings who funnily and paradoxically enough all want to HAVE the same, it depends how you deal with it but I hope this highlights that adverts and Mark Zuckerburg aren’t really to blame, but your so called ‘facebook friends’.

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