‘…Whilst people seem to think that World War III is in cyber space, stocks and shares or Twitter words, I hope this ‘paper’ demonstrates WHAT the impact of these are, on GROUND LEVEL…’


Despite the legalisation of Cannabis the unmanaged and unregulated TRADE of Cannabis and the exploitation of the plant has not only destroyed the Cannabis plant and its potency, with more and more THC instead of CBD meaning that similar to Genetically Modified crops which 100 years later only prove to have a fraction of the nutritional value than they did 100 years previously, but also the exploitation of the Cannabis plant recently through PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES trying to sell people the equivalent of 1G worth of Cannabis for $1000 US dollars in an (often synthetic despite saying it has CBD in it which makes no sense) tablet or liquid form, means the CANNABIS MARKET as informed by these PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES (including but NOT exclusively PHARMA who had the same CEO as Turing to name one) has led to inflation, poverty, huge discrepencies in wealth and ultimately the smuggling of weapons as a more lucrative form of payment and a potential DRUG WAR in Jamaica.

The BIGGEST CON of the 21st Century (?) I WISH that’s all that it was…

February 2021.

THE GREAT HUMILIATION: The Cannabis Wars: Covid-19 Versus Government Gunman Deaths in Jamaica

“A government who thinks they have everything under control, has nothing under control.”

“Shooting has gotten out of hand, there are so many guns about the place yet the police don’t even find 200 guns per month.”

From March 2020 to December 2020 for every 300 Covid-19 deaths in Jamaica, gunmen killed 1000 people.

That’s more than three times, nearly four times the amount killed by Covid-19.

As a post colonial British Island, Jamaica thus gives us a very condensed yet concise synopsis of trade and power relations or should I say Race, Racism and unmanaged and unregulated capital, across the world, usually before everyone else (including EVEN the South Americas WOO).

92.1% of the population are Black, 6.1% Mixed, 0.8% East Indian, 0.4% Other, 0.7% Unspecified.

Meanwhile, Cannabis has reached a ‘national shortage’ in Jamaica and the Jamaican Government say this is “a national embarrassment”.

Really by saying this, the Jamaican Government are just blaming the Cannabis farmers for the Jamaican Government’s own failure to manage and regulate their own Cannabis CAPITAL in the first place.

The people who own these PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES who market this over priced Cannabis now in Holland and Barratt, in Vape Shops and on our pharmacy shelves as we also know them in the UK, are now selling the equivalent of 1 Gram of Cannabis, for $1000 US Dollars.

If 1G of Cannabis is $1000 Dollars 1Ib or a Pound of weed 336g or 16 ounces is therefore now at present moment, according to the unmanaged and unregulated Cannabis CAPITAL market outlined by these PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES $336,000 Dollars.

This makes sense, a pack of 0.1G CBD tablets from Pharma sold at Holland and Barratt for just over £100 pounds, has only a microscopic amount of tampered with and treated cannabis apparently in it, for a significantly higher price about 100 times the price.

1 Gram of Cannabis should only be and is only £10 GBP on the black market here in the UK.

On the ‘white’ PHARMACEUTICAL market however, it’s a whole different dimension.

These PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES are selling the equivalent of 1 gram of Cannabis which costs £10 GBP, for $1000 US Dollars.

I guess you could say that this was unplanned and that’s part of the problem, time to manage and regulate the economy cowboys.

Easy come, easy go.

Meanwhile, whilst Pfizer and Pharma et al are busy trying to start a war in Jamaica and try to find customers who will pay $1000 US Dollars for 1G of cannabis in a synthetic tablet which is probably a placebo, I think I will save my money and smoke a spliff.

Especially seeing as the criminal status of the CEO of Pharma is already convicted, unless a HUMAN RIGHTS Barrister or someone WHO IS ACTUALLY SERIOUS ABOUT RACISM and FINANCE fancies more work.

If only Martin Shkreli did the same for insulin, we could get rid of morbid obesity and Diabetes overnight (!) Well, maybe not overnight fat bitches.

Interestingly ex Prime Minister of England and co leader along with current Prime Dickister Boris Johnson of the ILLEGAL ‘Vote Leave’ Campaign which breached over spending legislation and international and constitutional law, Theresa May or atleast her husband have online card payments for these Cannabis purchases and investments, which can be traced.

She never was the smartest peanut in the turd though, the joke is on her. I got my weed 100 times cheaper.


And TRY TO WEIGH IT before purchasing, you don’t want to get ripped off like Theresa.

I can almost imagine Theresa May, trying to snort 0.1G of synthetic green CBD granules out of those plastic green capsules on her mahogany table, as some kind of placebo stress relief for her placebo stress.

 Who is the pharma bro?

‘Martin ShkreliMartin Shkreli, the 38-year-old financial entrepreneur and pharmaceutical tycoon from Brooklyn, New York, was dubbed “the most hated man in America” by the media after he rose to infamy in 2015 for price gouging the prescription drug Daraprim by 5500% overnight depriving patients of the life-saving medication’.

Daraprim still costs about $800 per pill.

Daraprim used to cost $13.50 per pill, that is before Shkreli became CEO of the PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY TURING.

Wow this guy is nearly as funny as my GP here in the UK, atleast you HAVE THE OPTION to purchase the drug yourself in America, I had to fly to Amsterdam last week and got arrested on the plane (!) Upon return (!) for falsified police statements and was even kept in detention and taken to a court just so I could get my life dependent medication which I had to pay for and should be free on the NHS.

Yes, it’s that BAD, there was a news report all about how women in Afghanistan are having to go over the border to collect people’s medication, if only we could step over the border here in England, it’s a real shame The BBC and their supposed journalists have to be so thick, SPOILT, ignorant and arrogant, they can’t even grasp WHAT is happening to their own people, in their own country, England.

I guess now I understand WHY anti semitism has become a very serious issue now in the present moment but unfortunately just like in World War Two the people are unable to and refuse to see it.

Unable to see it, unable to grasp it, until it was too late… that was in the late 1930’s and now equally if not worse and more desensitised people cant see it brainwashed, can’t understand it, refuse to accept it, brainwashed by (I hate to use this socialist diction but) what appears to be a TOTALITARIAN regime with lusts of hate and fear in their eyes, clearly SICK.

I’ve had people attack me on the 67 bus to Aldgate “you f*cking Jew” a red haired women splutters at me “you and your gold hoop earings”.

People around me were even scared.

Luckily I had to get off the bus, to buy my weed, see weed saves the day inevitably as you will see.

“You privileged white bitch” my neighbour screams repeatedly through my door, 5 days after stabbing me in the head.

The Wood Green police took all the primary evidence but still refuse to report or make a statement for the stabbing, which I spent a whole night having cleaned, stitched and glued in North Middlesex hospital.

The police are more interested in arresting me, even when I call them screaming. This happened again on 22 September 2020, the police actually tried to arrest me for questioning, when I had my head cracked open for no reason.

I’ve tried to report it at the station again and again but the police refuse to do anything and are even abusive, trying to falsify police statements made by myself right in front of my face.

My current property has a Star of David graffittied on my wall, with a dead face in it, and some Islamic writing.

‘I’m sorry (!) I don’t have any savings (!)’

‘Or diamonds (!)’

Which reminds me, when is that ARSEHOLE Dave Chapelle going to get done for antisemitism on Netflix (?)

The dense fool has 1. No idea about history and 2. Is malicious in trying to get a following through his antisemitism on Netflix especially when his supposed ‘Niggers’ are all ready pent-up with racially aggravated vengeance against whites.

I’m not even Jewish yet the guys stupidity pisses me off.

Just goes to show, ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’.

The police still raided my flat, destroyed all my paperwork, took my dichtophone and my smart phone.

Then they called me a liar and years later the same police stalked me from Tottenham all the way to Finchley for an illegal arrest, right outside my home, a van of pigs, at 8am sniggering before deciding to arrest me for no legitimate reason whilst I was standing outside my home having a latte and a pain at chocolate.

There are echoes of the Holocaust.

Now I guess you can understand why no Jews use the NHS.

Just like no Jews use McDonald’s.

Luckily, as usual, I did make the most of the opportunity and smeared my own shit in calligraphy on the cell walls, all with 1 paper cup (!) In 2018 I managed to get my shit on the cell ceiling after flushing a mattress down the toilet.

There’s a little trick, I learnt from the IDF (!)

WHAT can you do when you are being illegally detained for having a life threatening health condition that requires life dependent medicines that no one wants (?) After assuming I was Jewish perhaps due to my hook nose, slim figure and studious character which people hate, I have been repeatedly assaulted by beating by One housing group, NHS staff, the police, detained sometimes for days and abused often under the excuse of being an ugly half human devil possessed sick person which is still no more acceptable.

Or mostly people say antisemitism is a just a card that the richest and most powerful capitalists pull, to get sympathy and legitimise capitalist exploitation or even the infamous Iarael and the atrocities the American army aka Israeli Defence Force cause but seriously, do you believe that especially when it comes from the mouths of the most bitter richest and or powerful men (?) Israel was not really a Jewish choice but was a means by the World’s most rich and powerful men at the time, not to mention Churchill and Roosevelt to deport Jews and Jews are actually the poorest of all faith groups, even after Muslims, Christians and Hindus.

The whole trip and expenses to get my life dependent medication cost me, my friends and family, well over £600 GBPounds but atleast I got 5 days worth of medication, which I will have to ration over the next 2 months and thus make myself incredibly sick and put myself in a lot of pain, before I manage to get the FUCK out of Nazi England again.

See, it could be worse America (!) You could either stay in the States and get a credit card but alternatively if you’re with the NHS in England you get nearly beaten to death (this was before George Floyd) whilst paralysed in a hospital bed by the police at 2am, infront of laughing staff and patients known as ‘THE NHS WARRIORS’ who have been convinced by doctors that you do not require your life dependent medication which the NHS are meant to provide for free but refuse to.

The bones are sticking out of my bum and often I’m scared I’m not going to make it another 2 months. Let alone to the age of 40.

Whilst people seem to think that World War III is in cyber space, stocks and shares or Twitter words, I hope this ‘paper’ demonstrates WHAT the impact of these are, on GROUND LEVEL.

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