If A Bear Shits In The Woods And The BBC Didn’t See It, Did It Happen (?)

“The BBC is like a very badly run girl’s boarding school” -George Orwell.

How the BBC killed themselves off.

Largely through ‘Brexit’.

And stupid confused journalists who think Corona is 1. The apocalypse or 2. The plague.

Not to mention killing off the British nation first of all by 1. For example BLACK MAILING and BLACK LISTING British Telecom employees 2. Killing off the future King HRH Prince William’s mum and 3. Spreading racist rumours, lies and nurturing proxy wars whilst Ethiopia tries to build their Renaissance dumb, a project that will take about 75 percent of the power out of the Suez Canal and probably provide enough electricity and infrastructure for the WHOLE of Africa, just like Ethiopia airlines made EVERY airline company BUST overnight, before.

Haile Selassie’s Ethiopia was then bombed and destroyed by the Italians, how eery, the Italians (Vatican State) always seem to have to simultaneously open the flood gates and destroy any hope of post colonial culture whether it be 1. Bombing Africa or 2. Spreading Corona Flu across Europe or 3. Burning down the Notre Dame Cathedral (a sign from G-d obviously).

Totally destructive, you could say the BBC suffers from ‘toxic masculinity’.

George Orwell even said the BBC is like a badly run girl’s boarding school.

4. Black mailing, harassing, stalking with fear of violence and financially abusing British and foreign citizens for a ‘television tax’ even if they don’t have a TV.

5. Talking absolute shit, that the British public KNOW is complete shit because the BBC blackmailed them into promising to NOT tell the truth and say ‘the BBC is correct’ on the 6 o clock news.

6. Killing off George Orwell and destroying his India broadcasts WHICH WHERE PRE GHANDI RADICAL in his fight for peace, love and freedom for a post colonial India.

7. Convincing people it is Russia who ruined the world, when we all know it’s the BBC and their ever expanding surveillance state.

8. Totally taking the piss and illustrating HOW SINISTER they are by putting a statue of George Orwell outside the BBC studios.

9. Waisting good air time.

10. Playing shit music and not paying agents.

11. STEALING everyone’s INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY and not paying them a licence fee.

12. TRYING to murder or imprison anyone who spontaneously or accidentally ‘makes their own news’ when the BBC were not there and they missed it in the 6 o clock news.

POO POO 💩 (!)

Looks like the BBC, like KFC are going to have to change their name to Better British Broadcasting or something.

13. Performing the news by exploiting Patsy’s Patty Brain’s brittle mental health personality disorder in order to change legislation to try to give police more predatory powers which EVEN MP David Lammy had to U Turn, further reinforcing their ‘toxic masculinity’ which even as demonstrated seems to exceed that of a negroe furthermore destabilises the BBC’s sense of white masculinity.

14. ‘Press Ganging’ people in their very own homes with ABH, GBH and CRIMINAL DAMAGE without paying for it or being able to FIND THEIR OWN WORDS and ask nicely.

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