Woman’s Politics Weekly: The NHS: A Band of Marching MUGS (?)

Photo From, The British Library, Black History Album, The Way We Were, Femme Fatale, The Black Victorians, 1890’s.

Thursday 12th August 2021

Reporting, Base Camp, Tottenham.


As I continously update this article an Ad shows up saying ‘Tired of seeing Ads ?’ but you have to click on another Ad to stop seeing these Ads, how apt, in a nutshell, it kind of sums up the NHS and police and most public institutions, for me personally in this country, at the present moment, as they say ‘there’s no such thing as a free lunch…’

It’s like my hands are tied.

It’s not the same thing as a ‘Catch 22’ though, the book of the 20th Century, as you are not exactly alone, at least they keep you from feeling alone, especially when there’s persistent harassment lurking on the back burner, very much like a George Orwellian ‘Surveillance State’, even though I don’t owe any money or have any debts, it’s more like an invisible ‘Cash 22’ and yes, I believe they still are, a loan company or pawn shop, somewhere in the whereabouts of impoverished East London, what a paradox.

If I were a man, I’d say, they’re trying to put my balls in a vice, basically almost make me want to think and believe I actually have to be dependant on them, the police (!) the NHS, various corrupt institutions including the Police, Council, Salvation Army, Lookahead Housing, One Support Group and Social Services, or a fucktard of a male to obtain any agency or mobility in life. It’s almost like a Project Brimstone, apparently it’s a movie, except I’m not exactly a fugitive, rather the victim, unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you look at it.

  • Probably the best part about Tyler Brown, is how the police and NHS have performed, the NHS just like the Medics in the local lame Territorial Army band, yes the trainee doctors with nothing better to do than play tribal songs on saxophones, they have been like a singing backdrop, a background orchestra, fomenting the flames, with the highs and lows and like pure wind, adding weight and velocity to a rape and molestation that finally gets heard and identified as SEXUALLY AGGRAVATED VENGEANCE and STALKING for which the arsehole can finally go to prison for.

  • I guess you could say ‘the answer, (justice) really is, blowing in the wind’, excuse the pun or double entendre, if you want to be posh about a parasitic wet fart of a man.
  • FINANCIALLY AGGRAVATED VENGEANCE a new legal term for the Law Society and Law Commission perhaps (?) A new term conveniently coined largely by BAME who themselves appear to be suffering from Post Traumatic Slavery Disorder and are so traumatised by capitalism they are doing the same to us now with capitalism serving as a catalyst for their own FINANCIALLY AGGRAVATED VENGEANCE as a byproduct of capitalism and post colonialism serving thus as a babel of destruction and ‘base camp’ for more predatory post colonial capitalist powers such as Russia, China and (some) Arab States to venture into a fifth (?) wave of colonialism, if such a ‘yardstick’ for the ‘peak’ of capitalism has been devised yet. Some people reach a level of self development where they can identify this type of capitalism centered around financial war objectives, as ‘cycles’ but I just see it as ‘repetitions’: the definition of madness, as there are still no financial ‘regulations’ or ‘legislations’ that inform such financial regulations other than the Financial Conduct Authority who ate more interested in protecting banks that are needed as such hence it’s likened to a bunch of cowboys and a financially regulatory plan needs to materialise in the UK.

The disgusting way these people have behaved, given the contextual timings of various events and court hearings and solicitor and Barrister meetings, the things they have FORMALLY done, said, denied, tried to cover up, serves therefore the prosecution well, in totally underming their own prosecutions and can be identified as a very HEINOUS and MALICIOUS attempt to SILENCE as well as CONSPIRE TO MURDER, CONSPIRE TO COMMIT GBH and COMMIT GBH.

I think you could even go so far and identify the NHS as a fan club, as a matter of fact.

Probably one of the best of these characters, in their very own theatrical replication of both, Psychoville and The Mighty Boosh Show, is Troy, a nameless N* gger who claims to be named after a myth and who is about as tall as he is wide and if he was not so wide as he was tall he would probably be classified as a midget, he looks like a walking minature fridge and very mysteriously knows ALL ABOUT Tyler Brown, his poisoning, rape, molestation, his consistent and persistent abuse, Troy stalks me to and from the shops, even now a year later, he tries to invite me to his bedroom for dinner, “steak, lamb chops” he says but we all know ‘there’s no such thing as a free lunch’ and if you could ever demonstrate a blimp in action, Troy would be, the mascot for it.

After having sex with Troy’s neighbour, Troy starts to become bizet and like a squealing pig, accuses me of accusing his neighbour of RACIALLY and SEXUALLY AGGRAVATED RAPE being a “typical white bitch” who wants to be a victim after Troy decides to smash my door and lock in, trespass my flat and assault me by beating, out of pure uneducated, dunce RACIALLY AND SEXUALLY AGGRAVATED VENGEANCE.

“OOh don’t you have someone to touch your shoulder for you ?” Dr Razzaq, a pitifully tiny Indian GP from Medicus Select Care says to me.

“Na, that’s why I got the trolley”, I reply.

I’ve had all the ligaments and bone torn out of the socket of my shoulder by the police due to NHS corruption and malice and now Dr Razzaq, is even trying to suggest like a psychopath would do in search of post gratification, that he was a part of this mis informed ASSAULT by beating which I received from the police on this particular occasion:

“I don’t care why they beat you, I just want to know did they handcuff you” Dr Razzaq continues, with a nasty smirk on his face, pressing his hands together between his legs.

Dr Razzaq prescribes me, continuously after this date Ibuprofen cream for the shoulder injury as he notes that I have Addison’s disease and Arthritis for which I require special medication but now, since the court hearings have taken place and trial dates have been set Dr Shah decides to try to say that I don’t have Addison’s disease anymore again and stop my prescriptions for my life dependent medicines just like Bridge House Medical did before when they decided to falsely admit me to a Patient Special Allocation Scheme by perverting the courts of justice.

After being admitted to Homerton hospital with a fractured collar bone due to Tyler Browns GBH and DKA again due to being falsely arrested and detained in police detention with no food or insulin for 3 days again, Dr Shah tries to use this as EVIDENCE of a hospital admission and therefore EVIDENCE that a specialist has proven that I don’t have Addisons disease and don’t require regular medicines when my specialist is not even at this hospital, in effect proving that in fact the NHS working closely with the police who seem to very conveniently ‘reappear’ at various intervals in my life when Doctors have tried to hand me EXPERT EVIDENCE aka medical reports for Tyler Brown’s GBH for which he needs to be charged and sentenced are working together either with or protecting Tyler Brown as part of a massive, as identified by ACA Law, ‘cover up’.

Dr Razzaq tries to deny me the reality of my experiences by suggesting I was rightfully arrested and assaulted through sexism, by suggesting I am lonely and “just need someone to rub my shoulder” whilst simultaneously assaulting me with his hands, Dr Razzaq really demonstrates the capability of the NHS and how they are clearly working very closely with the police in what Leftheris Ridgeway et al from ACA Law have identified as a massive ‘cover up’ and Dr Ravi Menon a specialist consultant endocrinologist for Addison’s disease at North Middlesex Hospital identifies as an incompetent, inept service who should by no means stop my regular medication for Addison’s disease.

Despite trying to murder me in attempts to conceal a RACIALLY AND SEXUALLY AGGRAVATED STALKER’S GBH for which I could get another 50 grand, every cloud has a silver lining, the NHS have been highly supportive in my own prosecution meaning I have a very rare opportunity to get justice for a rape that actually happened nearly 10 years ago and instead of a minimum of 5 years as I originally thought, we are looking at, a life sentence for the N* gger who destroyed my life and many others too.

Probably the best thing the NHS, police and Tyler can do, after 10 years and living in fear of being sentenced for SEXUALLY AGGRAVATED VENGEANCE is ASSAULT by beating with GBH when I am walking through the Borough of Tower Hamlets for the second time in ten years and try to use this as an opportunity to not only conceal another GBH from Tyler Brown but also further conspire to kill me by detaining me for 3 days without insulin or food and Tyler Brown tries to use this as EVIDENCE of RACIALLY AGGRAVATED STALKING but I think the paranoid schizophrenic is talking to himself.

  • JUST ANOTHER BROKEN (N* GGER) RECORD: TB the kid named after a disease…

We all know Tyler’s mum is a dumb fat self obsessed ego centric Nigger who stupidly named her son after a pestilential disease but WHAT does this mean for Tyler-Blase Brown-Liburd (?)

So Tyler is so disgusting he smells like he has Special Educational Needs, a mixture of soiled mattresses, a pub toilet and cheese, indicative of an STD known as chlamydia, as well as the generic thrush and herpes.

Tyler even has pictures of baboons in his dining room which he uses to throw rubbish and says “one day, we will rule the world” unaware perhaps that he himself is comparing himself to a monkey, like a puppet on a string, if you wanted to state the fucking obvious you could say that Tyler perpetuates racial syereotypes and this does explain his psychotic sexual behaviour which will put him in prison for a minimum of 30 years, hopefully life if I get it all right but secretly, we all know this is just the Police and NHS’s very own little cathertic (?) performance of RACIALLY AGGRAVATED and SEXUALLY AGGRAVATED VENGEANCE, how almost hilarious, if only, in trying to trivialise a HEINOUS and MALICIOUS SEXUALLY AGGRAVATED CONSPIRACY to MURDER and COMMIT GBH the police and NHS appear and behave like total immature, sexually obsessed, animals aka psychopaths, my previous GP Bridge House Medical Practice who falsely referred me to an abusive Patient Special Allocation Scheme called Medicus Select Care and who Ersan and Co solicitors wanted to summon to court for their abuse.

Being a typical Nigger Tyler continues to try to use his sexuality, but this just reinforces my prosecution.

Probably the best thing the police and NHS have done, is make me subjectively racist through their RACIALLY AGGRAVATED and SEXUALLY VENGEFUL ABUSE and theatre performances and grant me possibly a million in total of compensation if not a lot more.

Yes.Edit”The NHS… A Marching Band of Tea Cups (?)”

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