Woman’s Politics Weekly: Nationalised Rates (?)

Photo From, The British Library, Black History Album, The Way We Were, Femme Fatale, The Black Victorians, 1890’s.

Woman’s Politics Weekly: Nationalised Rates (?)

Wednesday 28th July, 2021

Reporting, Base Camp, Tottenham

IF Britain is ‘Free’ WHY isn’t the ECONOMY (?)

Where are the nationalised ‘standard’ rates (?)

I did not know I had a following until I wrote an article called ‘FAT COW DISEASE’ all about chemically treated milk, to find a MOB of fat Mediterraneans standing outside my front door the next day, one wearing a t-shirt saying ‘I HOPE YOUR WIFI DIES.’

Just to let you know, this article is NOT ALL about you (!)

The best part was, I was actually using her WIFI to upload that particular article the previous day.

I guess, other than FAT AGGRAVATED VENGEANCE, a new legal term that still needs to be defined by the Law Society, given that most the population are, morbidly obese, these women prove once again, that 1 in 4 people in the UK still can’t read or write properly.

For the full article, please email me and follow the following link below:


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