Coronavirus Or David Lammy’s Housebarrassment (?)





I guess you could say there is no more promising sign in the society of today than the increased attention which is being paid to the house, the home, charity and BAME.

Of these it has never been entirely neglectful, otherwise it would cease to be a council. 

But to date it has only imperfectly realised and fulfilled its mission to the poor, the sick and BAME. 

With no more council housing left in London, laws must NOW be imposed on landlords, as we are starting to loose sight and are only able to scratch the surface of the darkest regions of poverty, misery, squalor and immorality. 

While I SHOULD probably charge a lot of money for this, I feel it would firstly not do this ‘project’ justice and totally goes against what HOW TO BUILD A WOMAN is all about, which is providing free journalism, that is not paid or sponsored by anyone as I feel this naturally, affects the liability of what you say but I would really appreciate a small donation to support the work and shit I have to go through regarding the ARSEHOLE BBC.

The second reason for this, is because a ‘cross party’ initiative is required.


‘…Very few people who read this, will have any notion of what these pestilential human rookeries are…’

Eastham has a largely Indian, South Indian, Bengali and Sri Lankan population, some local schools are over 80% Begali.

The children often do not speak English as a first language when they first start school, so they are very shy.

The headteacher at this particular primary school is Indian himself, so he is very good at getting his staff to use dynamic learning techniques, to help the children become more confident to speak, as often they know what to say but are too shy to say it.

Sometimes a ‘thumbs up’ is good enough.

Overcrowding is also a problem in Eastham.

7 people or more in a 4 bedroom house is not uncommon.

An average of 2 people per 1 bedroom of this size, to live, work and stay, is insane.

This is WORSE that 100 years ago, during George Orwell’s excavation of Bethnal Green, Mile End, Stepney etc.


People during this time, had more space.

There are a lot of restaurants on Eastham’s High Street North.

Overcrowding naturally, irrespective of how clean you are, will attract and lead to a lot of rubbish, left even a short while in the city this attracts and leads very quickly to rats, bugs, vermin and disease.

Most houses, even those of the best standard, have a cockroach problem.

The cockroaches are, maybe the size of a flat conker.

The stench as you come out of Eastham station, is malodorous.

Even people from Essex, think it smells bad.

To get to the shops, restaurants and market in Eastham you have to go through streets reeking with poisonous (?) gases rising from accumulations of rubbish scattered all over the street and beneath your feet.

To access the properties you even, have to climb up rotten staircases, that threaten to give way with every step, some of which have already collapsed and put risk to life and limb.

You have to grope your way through dark and wet streets swarming with vermin. 

Many of these properties, have never seen the sun, clean water or a breathe of fresh air.

Very few people who read this, will have any notion of what these pestilential human rookeries are. 

Then, if you are not already driven away by malodorous and pestilential disease, you can gain access to the properties in which these thousands of beings who belong, as much as you, amongst us.


Tuberculosis is actually, still very common.

Poor ventilation is the number 1 cause of Tuberculosis.

Tuberculosis is very common in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan due to poor air quality, ventilation, damp in housing and at work places and is very common amongst BAME in East London too.

It’s also highly contagious.

You have to wear a mask if you obtain TB in order to avoid coughing and spreading the disease on anything or anyone. 

Although we have antibiotics to treat Tuberculosis for about 6-9 months or life, if it is not treated properly then it can be, debilitating and fatal.

It can have long term effects on the body and as it is contagious it effects hereditary immunity too.

Gaining access to healthcare and anti biotics is the biggest battle.

I cannot believe councils, allow tenants to move into property’s with second hand mattresses in them, even people in Ghana know this is the number 1 cause of infant deaths.

A dirty second hand mattress can easily cause a lung infection or cross contamination of anything really and new mattresses reduced infant deaths by some 50% in Ghana.

Meningitis is also quite common.

A lot of houses in London, with overcrowding, are also, poorly ventilated.

Sometimes, dirty curtains or rags, are stuffed into windows.

Often there is really, with a 4 bedroom house often being turned into 4 bedsits, no ventilation at all but a window, leaving it at the owner’s own initiative or should I say risk, to keep the room free from water condensation, mould and even then through damp, bugs.

Most people I know, fuck it up.

Dirty curtains or walls, collecting mould, is not uncommon.

Neither are the bugs.

Plants, growing through the walls.

7 different people sharing 1 kitchen and bathroom, is also, insane.

No cleaning duty, as such.

Even 2 fridges for 7 people, also, a heathen for cross contamination and disease, I got food poisoning from sharing a fridge.

1 place we lived also, had excrement caked on the kitchen floor, due to an overflowing toilet outside.

This can easily cause E. coli., imagine a child crawling on the floor.

As well as Indian’s and Bengali’s there are a lot of Pakistani’s towards Tower Hamlets, but Pakistan has the poorest health standards in the world.

Temperate diseases like pneumonia are quite common in Newham General.

And one must not forget, contagious.

Despite being in an open shared ward of 6.

They also often, even in adults, have a debilitating effect on the body, not to mention a child’s, quantity of life, education and future.

Children who are or who have previously battled disease are unable to attain the same grades and employment as children in higher attaining schools with better health in different areas of London that are not BAME.

Over 40% of children are now actually leaving school before sixth form in the UK to become carers, the Education Journal reports.

Most of these are, BAME.

It’s difficult also to settle and adapt to a normal world and to stay in employment, with chronic illness.

A vast majority of BAME end up in prison from this part of London.


‘Immorality’ ‘is but the natural outcome of conditions like these.


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