WHY Tyler Brown Will Go To Prison For 50 Years (NOT 15)

Probably the worst part is how my GP (Dr Messenger from Medicus Select Care) telephoned me after I complained about sexual misconduct I received from Dr Razzaq at Medicus Select Care very recently.
Dr Messenger wanted to prescribe me ‘double doses of Lansoprazole’ after I complained online that I do not have an ulcer on my genitals that requires sexual misconduct but an ulcer in my stomach.
Normally, any NHS patient would have to book an appointment but Dr Messenger telephoned me and shouted at me, verbally, emotionally and psychologically abusing me, saying he has ‘evidence’ to prove I don’t have Addison’s disease, he advised me to stop taking my steroids and refused to refer me to a new endocrinologist specialist in my local area, after I moved house.
Dr Messenger just proved, again, that the NHS are not only more than aware that I have a stomach ulcer (which explains my projectile vomiting for the case) but I have been verbally, emotionally, psychologically and physically abused by the NHS denying me treatment AND also, my GP or at least Dr Messenger is stalking me and my social media and is aware and further trying to conceal, Tyler Brown’s (previously acknowledged in SEVERAL medical reports) heinous physical abuse and attempted murder…
The police are wrong, have made a mistake and have arrested the wrong person.
After last sending medical reports to yourself Leftheris at ACA Law that (by pure coincidence) mentioned Tyler Brown’s abuse, I was targeted by Tyler Brown and the police the following day, Tyler Brown fractured my collar bone, I’m in an excruciating amount of pain and I can’t get any help or support because 1. The police, (PC Stuart Davies) have taken the NHS medical reports, (tried to) change the NHS data saying ‘no fracture’ which is a disgusting attempt to cover up a heinous attack and are trying to conceal the truth and protect this seasoned and protected criminal Tyler Brown.
I also find it hilarious that Tyler Brown and the Police want to press charges for ‘criminal damage’ when Tyler Brown has smashed my front door in (CAD numbers to prove this) trespassed my flat, (CAD Numbets to prove this), threatened to kill me both verbally and through physical action and ‘kick the baby out of me’ (CAD Numbers to prove this), cracked my head open (CAD Numbers to prove this), thrown me down the stairs, (CAD Numbers to prove this), stabbed me twice (CAD Numbers to prove this), beaten my head on the stairs (CAD Numbers to prove this, robbed me of money and possession and financially abused me with death threats (Barclays Fraud evidence to prove this), not to mention, a very heinous rape and molestation in 2014 which has left me permanently sick and traumatised (please see medical reports from Dr Joanna Haas previously sent to you for more evidence of this Tyler Brown as well as reports from Bridge House Medical Practice and North Middlesex University hospital).
Everytime I called the police they either 1. Laughed at me, 2. Called me a liar (Constable South Stoke Newington Police Station) or even worse 3. Tried to say the event was not serious enough to report and that the reason I’m injured is because my ex boyfriend beat me up, THE POLICE HAVE PERVERTED THE COURTS OF JUSTICE in effect, trying to protect Tyler Brown (?)
This becomes even MORE funny because the police even got Project Sapphire (a police department that looks exclusively into sex crimes) and I have evidence of their misconduct, to put an injunction on my ex partner Ronnie Magdala for the physical abuse and crimes committed by Tyler Brown, which just proves, Tyler Brown should have been arrested, put on tag and punished for his GBH, ten years ago. 

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