Ever wondered WHERE all the Pakistani men who ask 15 year old girls for directions in East London work (?)

Funny, they ALL work for the NHS.

Or they are lawyers, with a penis smaller than a 3 year olds.

This may explain their inability to ‘behave’ and stop fucking their own children and family members before the age of 4, in this country and any country tbh.

It probably also explains WHY so many Asian kids, even boys, are seriously underweight, malnourished, bulimic, anorexic, addicted to drugs and no one even sees this as anything to even question (?)

Most do not get any help but it’s a very big skeleton in the closet.

The kids in school are so shy, they don’t nt even want to speak, people think they don’t speak English. They’re from Bangladesh.

We all know these Asian men are SEXIST but WHAT does ‘sexism’ mean according to a STINKY ASIAN PIMP (?)


So I’ve just had a really bad Addison’s crisis, actually 5 days of throwing up water, flu, cold sweats and fever, muscle cramps and paralysis.

After 2 separate emergency doses of 100Mg of Hydrocortisone (200Mg) of emergency Hydrocortisone the Doctors try to use this to say I “do not have Addison’s disease) WHICH is just funny, cos it’s like saying to a Diabetic, you’re blood sugar is 8 so that means you don’t have Diabetes WTF.

“I have a blood test to prove it” the doctors say, even though, they never took the third and final blood sample that was (meant) to prove this (?)

Using this bollocks as an ‘educated’ and ‘informed’ decision, these doctors all seem to have 1 thing in common: STINKY SEXIST ASIAN SCUM.

Although these doctors NEVER EVEN spoke to my GP and I have evidence to prove this, my GP has already planned what he proves to be my murder.

“I’m not referring you to an Addison’s specialist cos I think you don’t have Addison’s disease” he refuses, so now, I can’t even get my emergency 100Mg Hydrocortisone injections and have to call an ambulance whenever I have a crisis. It’s annoying for both myself and the London Ambulance Service.

“I need double doses of Hydrocortisone when I’m sick” I say.

“NO stop taking your steroids” Dr Messenger hangs the phone up on me.

Great, now I can’t even self medicate when I’m sick and keep having a crisis like every month and having to go to hospital, when this should not be more than 1x or 2x per year.

atleast, it was not more than this when I previously had my own 100Mg Emergency injections and Phentonille to manage the condition myself.

He’s removed the steroids from my prescription.

it’s illegal for a GP to decide whether you have Addison’s disease or not, it’s the job of a specialist endocrinologist.

it’s also illegal for a GP to stop or start any medication on your prescription without ca valid medical reason and or confirming this with you.

It’s also REALLY ILLEGAL and HEINOUS to stop a patients steroid medication, irrespective of whether they have Addison’s how or not, this is life threatening.

I don’t have much of a choice but to live my life as a zombie cos my GP still to this day, is refusing to even supply me enough supplies of my basic tablets which my Soecialist keeps requesting.

When I’ve brought in prescriptions proving my entitlement, my GP has called security and the police on me.

They have even perverted the courts of justice.

at UCL today, a STINKIN ASIAN PIMP said, despite the fact that I have an infection and have been prescribed Amoxicillin to prove this and have a blocked ear, that he did not want to do his job and unblock it saying that he did not treat such things and did not feel it was an emergency WTF.

my GP is refusing to unblock it and has told me to call 111 and go to hospital…

Luckily, NOT all Asian doctors are STINKY PIMPS and thank fuck, my specialist has written a letter saying that my supposed corrupt GO who has reported me for no reason and who will not let me register at any other GP practice is incompetent and inept and to by no means stop taking my steroid treatment.

In the meantime, I look forward to watching how AGGRESIVELY these STINKIN ASIAN PIMPS behave, which just consolidates that they are protecting their sex crimes and committ femicides in doing so and WHY STINKIN NIGGER PIMP TYLER BROWN needs to get deported so he can operate as a HIV Pimp, ELSEWHERE, NOT Bethnal green thanks. You’re out of date.

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