“I Have Seen Over 500 Patients With DKA In Resus, And They Are Not Dead”… WTF

So WHAT happened to the rest (?)

The STIGMA around Diabetes in general, Type 1 and 2 is so horrific in this country, Diabetics are perceived as fat people who can’t control their food intake but nearly all diabetics you meet are very thin because it is a METABOLIC disorder, it’s disgusting because people actually die due to the Stigma in the press and misconceptions from it, totally unaware that their own neice or daughter had it, because she/he was thin.

the stigma is really terrible and really not true.

I’ve never been treated so badly in any other country, just for having a genetic or hereditary disease, I don’t see WHY my life should stop and if anything, my quality if life should be enhanced not according to my GP a grim and depressing future. That’s just negative and fosters destructive behaviour anyway.

I have to go to Belgium cos no NHS doctor in London can treat a blocked/infected ear.

“No we do not do that here”.

I think what anorexic Asian over performing A and E Doctor Eugene means is, he does not know the very technical medical syringe procedure so instead, I have to live, with no hearing.

This is like having to put up with those junior doctors at Homerton hospital in their first year or even their final year at North Middlesex University hospital repeatedly leaving wires hanging out your arms cos they don’t know how to find a vein.

“It’s cos your veins are bad”, they say, but they’re the only ones who have ever tried to hit a vein.

Except this Asian, is meant to be coming to the end of his career.

“just use ear drops, buy them off the counter” he says.

My GP prescribed me ear drops a month ago and that is what actually blocked my ear in the first place.

“Diabetics in DKA are not in pain” Dr Eugene continues.

“Yes, they are” I say.

“Have you ever had DKA” I ask.

“No but I have seen over 500 patients with DKA in resus, and they are not dead”.

“Not dead” (?) that’s a bit aggressive, I never said they were dead, I just said they were in pain and this has been proven by your very stupid, rash comment “They’re not dead” as if (according to you doctors) Diabetics are not even worth, paracetamol.

I have had Type 1 Diabetes for nearly 30 years, most Diabetics I know in this country who have been even a Type 1 Diabetic for less than 10 years are either and on 1. Crack or a similar illusive substance 2. Cannabis 3. Alcohol 4. Living a life of gluttony and or with AMPUTATED limbs 5. Are suffering with heart, kidney problems, brain damage even or have died from other complications (because the NHS could not even work out that it was Diabetes and also does not even know how to educate people on how to manage and regulate their IWN PERSONAL insulin doses in unison to their OWN PERSONAL diet (Sorry NHS there is still, no one size fits all).

MAD they actually believe that.

I don’t even eat off the same crockery as my parents, complete different diet.

Some people (adults) spend 15 years before they even start testing their blood glucose, cos the whole fact that the NHS try to impose a set diet and insulin regime, is too overwhelming, by then, it’s often usually too late and that patient will already have irreversible complications.

This may include problems with feet and kidneys for example, nasty.

Even people with very well managed Type 1 Diabetes, can have a hypo and many, often, perhaps undiagnosed some of the time, wake up with irreparable brain damage or a learning disability such as Dyslexia.

This is NOT due to Diabetes as such, this is due to INSULIN, the very heavy medication that you have to take along with Diabetes, in order to survive which always goes wrong…

I think we should boycott the shit.

They just use artificial ‘human insulin’ as an excuse to fund America’s illegal occupation and exploitation of Israel.

you can use pig’s insulin.

WHICH is less Hareem (?)

This is totally unheard of in ANY OTHER COUNTRY, you’d have to be at least 80 or have had Diabetes for maybe 50 years or atleast MORE THAN 3 decades before this will happen.

The UK or NHS or whatever you want to call these fucktards, have the WORST DIABETES CONTROL in all of Europe, after Greece, which is just funny, cos everyone from Greece is, or was, fat and mad.

“It feels like there are razor blades in your blood” I tell him.

I can’t hear anything, so I see this as another claim.

Yay (!)

Really, I realised today, we should have a patient’s hospital, where patients treat patients, cos at the end of the day, like only a woman can really please a woman, only a patient can treat a patient.

Probs the best part about Dr HOMOCIDAL EUGENE TODAY was that I was not even at hospital for DKA, I was there for 2 Addison’s crisis caused by an infection.

Dr Eugene, despite not EVEN doing a blood test, said there is no infection and therefore no Addison’s crisis so I can go home with enough pain killers and anti nausea tablets to at least stop me from looking like I have sepsis.

Best part, his best mate, Dr Messenger, already prescribed me anti biotics for an infection last week which just proves the Dr Eugene hospital are lying again, like my GP is anyways to cover up, the truth.

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