So an Addison’s crisis is about 5 x more painful than childbirth, I know.

For 5 years the NHS have been denying me morphine, which is actually against the law for someone with this condition, in this much pain.

The Paramedics and NHS snigger and laugh in my face.

“Ooh aren’t you a nasty girl” the NHS say when I start screaming

“We’ve got you on CCTV and we’re going to call the police” the NHS say.

WTF EVEN a pregnant woman would not be arrested if she was screaming in pain, it seems the NHS are obsessed with me and even want to put me in prison, for being in pain.

Ha ha ha they laugh you’re a pussy, “pull yourself together” the NHS say.

“We’re going to call the psych team on you” (For vomiting black vomit and screaming in pain WTF).

While doing this, I have letters from the NHS that 1. Prove I have Addison’s disease, 2. heavy steroid treatment for 4 years, 3. with frequent (untreated by GP, NHS or specialist) crisis, which proves they are verbally emotionally, psychologically abusing me by trying to deny me medicine as well as deny my condition with the intent, (given further letters from my Specialist stating that these NHS staff are incompetent and inept and to BY NO MEANS stop the medication he has specified), to cause not only 1. Very serious harm and a breach of Hippocrtaic Oath but also 2. They (still have not achieved this) to try to duress me into verbally abusing them for which they can then 1. Deny me any medicine whatsoever, threaten to call the police and lock me in a room until I have to crack my head open, multiple times.

When the police finally arrived, they were very friendly.

They had to take me from disgusting Whittington to UCL cos u genuinely, was so dehydrated, I needed Hydrocortisone, morphine and fluids badly, I felt better, within a few hours.

They also glued my head together which was nice, because they never even bother do that at North mid.

Due to police rules, I ended up staying with the police for several days and had probably the best hospital treatment I have received anywhere in the world, my entire life.

I wish the police would come with me to hospital everytime I have a crisis, but really, I guess it just highlights there is something very serious going on with the NHS, before Corona, it appears to be some heinous genocide.

I have experienced ‘institutional racism’ from NHS staff too, just for having a black boyfriend ‘at the scene’ was often enough to get me, verbally, emotionally or psychologically abused or denied any treatment.

Thanks guys.

Unfortunatley, most guys have a habit, of running away from the scene cos they don’t know what to do.

They lie after obviously and tell their mates they were the one in total control, they even went out especially to buy me fruit and yoghurt when 1. I don’t eat yoghurt 2. These men have never even bought me a coffee or 1 single fag WTF.

Go to hell, all of you. Unless you have a prescription for Phentonille which is what my GP was actually prescribing me, BEFORE I was diagnosed with Addison’s, (which proves that after finding out I have a chronic pain condition, my GP along with the NHS as a whole, decided to bully me, emotionally, psychologically and also try to duress me to scream in a lot of pain constantly until my neighbours want to kill me) I have nothing to say to you.

It feels like my joints are burning, on fire, it makes me scream the house down, all night sometimes.

My neighbours think I’m either mad or on drugs.

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