So, Addison’s disease is a rare condition where you can’t digest food without the help of medication.. .

It is a hereditary condition which means it is caused by things like starvation, exhaustion and poverty.

After bullying me for years and saying I’m just pretending ti be sick because I want to be a victim and because I am actually in love with the man who raped me and who the NHS refuse to report to the police…

Jealous, “look at her arms, so thin” instead of giving me 100mg of Hydrocortisone, morphine and fluids, to this day, the NHS are still bullying me.

I cant stop throwing up and I’m really dehydrated because I’m having an Addisons crisis.

“You’re just making yourself sick on purpose” the NHS say, I often have to go to 3 different hospitals before I can get my life saving meds.

The reason you’re so thin is not because the NHS have been denying you pain relief but cos you’re bulimic the NHS say wtf.

Today, this was the lame excuse the NHS had to refuse my treatment.

Screaming on the floor, all the female nurses start smiling and recording it in their phones.

“Haha look at you you’re an alcoholic” the nurses say.

“She’s just lying” the NHS say.

“She’s a prostitute” the NHS say.

“She’s a drug addict” the NHS say.

Still, to this day, the NHS are trying to bully me to death instead of doing 3 very simple things that are required for any Addison’s patient: 1. Hydrocortisone, 2. Morphine, 3. Fluids.

“Why don’t you get private instead then” the NHS laugh at me.

I’m so dehydrated, I can’t even drink fluids orally, but they still say, I’m not aloud pain relief or fluids, because they hate me so much and love to see me in pain and 2ant to kill me cos their fucking ugly fat jealous bitches.

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