Niggers Cause Cancer

It has been Scientifically accredited.

As we all know, Niggers like to fuck and and don’t like to fuck just 1 woman but many, at the same time, which spreads something called HPV and actually causes Cancer.

It has therefore been proven Niggers DO directly correlate and therefore have nurtured the increased number of women suffering with cancer in the UK, since the Windrush Generation came over to bless this country with 1. Contagious Diseases 2. Increased and Enhanced Crime and 3. Death, so looks like my KILL ALL NIGGERS argument has been scientifically accredited and we should deport all Niggers, even those born in this country, as proven by Tyler Brown, they are just a chip off the old block, with the same mental health problems as their parents.

I’m sorry, I don’t know how to say this in a nicer way, you just got yourself a FREE TICKET back to Jamaica or Africa and YOU AINT EVER coming back, unless for a holiday of a maximum of 2-3 weeks.

And I’m sorry but not sorry, YOU CANNOT FUCK OR MARRY ANY OF OUR WOMEN.

If we are all ‘dumb bitches’ then you can go back home and marry a 13 year old and look after her instead.

The same goes for Nigger women but given how inept they are and how many are spreading HIV and AIDs in this country STRONGER RULES must apply, such as 1. No having babies or children with British nationals in search of a ‘better life’ especially when you are morbidly obese, all’s you’re after is quote ‘Social Security’ your kids, irrespective of WHO the father is will be put into care and you will be deported.

I find it REPULSIVE how these Nigger women laugh at us, after pretending to cry on the phone and going out especially to buy a disguise, a wig, clothes that look rubbish to DWP, Citizens Advice and housing organisations like the WHITE MAN owes them, for some things that happened, before any living memory, in a country they 1. Do not even know their own history of so HOW the fuck can you say we owe you when it was actually Napoleon go ask the French for candy and 2. For a country they evidently do not even live in anymore, when the African holocaust was in 1800 NOT 1945 like the Jews, who have managed to pull themselves together, 200 years before you Niggers but they are still the POOREST people of all faith factions, bottom, after Islam, Christianity as well as Hindus so no ‘MONEY’ as proven through black civil rights research, is NOT the answer.

You need to go back home, sort out your own people and your own country, make it the country you want it to be and take what you’ve learnt in the UK as undivided blessings from us, the ‘White’ man and please, ‘Fuck off’.

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