NIGGERS eat SO MUCH SHIT chicken, even their sweat stinks of chicken soup.

I’m not joking, during my experience I have met Africans in London who are SO THICK and BARBARIC they don’t even know what to use their kitchen cupboards for, they put animals in them.

That’s not even scratching the surface, the Asians, Indians, Pakistanis, Bangolis or whatever you want to call them have properties so filthy, (without live animals YET STILL human excrement on the kitchen floor WTF) houses with EVEN a licenced landlord 8km away, are experiencing cockroaches previously invisible to the naked eye the size of mice, at least 1 per year.

Rats are now the size of cats and swarm in packs of at least 7.

I contracted food poisoning so awful, from a fully licenced Indian restaurant on Brik Lane that I am permanently sick and unable to eat any meat or dairy whatsoever now, this was in 2015, even though the meal was Vegan WTF That’s HOW DIRTY their kitchens are, even if you choose Vegan there’s a very high risk (happened 3 times) of Salmonella.

Like I mentioned, human excrement on the floor of a shared kitchen, with 7 tenants and a new born baby, is getting a pretty good deal according to the property market and thanks to our BAME community.

This probably explains why we have a dumb stinking Asian called Pitiful Priti Patel, trying to make out that she has the solution to Britain’s infamously flawed and hilariously embarrassing foreign policy

I don’t know what to do, call the RSPCA on them (?)

I think that might be considered racist…

They tend to get jobs, as social workers or end up working for the council 🤣.

Worse still, are the fucking Niggers who have convinced the White man, like Priti Patel, that ‘their way is the best way’ and now, we have vulnerable working class women in hostels and temporary and homeless accommodation cutting ginger girls hair and eyelashes in their sleep (I had to endure this myself) as her African pimp/drug dealer has convinced her, thinking that Gingers are Albinos (?) that I am a witch and this hair has empowering black magic properties that will give her for example, ever lasting love and world domination.

Mad, these girls, believe them and do as they say.

And they WONDER WHY our country has totally fucked up (?)

Maybe it’s time to listen to a woman.

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