Financial ‘CRASH’ or Financial… ‘OH CRAP (?)’

This is NOT an April Fools joke.

I thought ‘Save the Children’ had enough money (?)

They might as well turn ‘Save the Children’ into the Music festival, Tomorrowland from Belgium.

Way more ‘deep’.

They even have a castle.

People keep saying “strange things are happening in this country” but they “don’t know what will happen/IS HAPPENING” My German grandmother said the same about the Holocaust in Germany “we knew something was happening but we did not know what was happening”… “until it was too late”…

I apologise, in advance, for any ‘poor’ language, but I’m HUGELY FURIOUS right now.

You do not have to read it but I’d really appreciate it if you do (read half of it).

I look exclusively at ‘internationals’ as well as foreign (but not exclusively African and Jamaican) nationals.

‘Internationals’ particuarly men, who are only in this country cos they got ‘White Girl’ pregnant, to avoid having to pay for a VISA or doing any National Service, who are ex convicts, if not in the army then they should probably be in prison, 75% of these Black dad’s then DISAPPEAR absent from their child’s upbringing and the remaining 25% living it up sexually molesting WHITE GIRLS in Brothels known as the Salvation Army, Lookahead Housing and One Support.

These men then say that in Africa, they are aloud to have ‘many wives’ and spread HIV, AIDs, HERPES, Chlamydia, HPV and Cancer as well as foreign diseases like Corona, especially Nigerians, which is actually based on an ancient tradition of barbarism (that existed before the Church tried to ‘instill’ civilisation many centuries ago,) fomenting sexism and femicides.

I think it’s safe to say, the Niggers have had a good ‘fuck around’, now they can ‘fuck off’.

This is very dangerous, as now, the Jamaicans, working class ‘White’ boys and the police, are doing the same.

Many of these men, especially Nigerian’s, have wives who are 13 years old, as that IS THE LEGAL MARRIAGE AGE in NIGERIA, have several wives as they have a misinformed notion of Islam, have knowingly gotten away with rape, molestation and murder as that is quite ‘normal’ in Nigeria, don’t understand WHY ALL WOMEN DON’T WANT TO BE FUCKED and do and treat women the same when they come here and their lawyers and Barristers who have protected them from WHAT WOULD BE CLASSIFIED AS PAEDOPHILIA in this country set up their own law firms, as Barristers all across the world, America and the UK.

Their desire: to bring down the ‘White man’ by bullying and persecuting even fellow black Nigerians for their own Post Traumatic Slavery Disorder.

Honestly, it has gotten to the point, where African men in this country, think they can get EVERYTHING with the stroke of a dick, including a knap sack of privileges and a British passport, for a hundred pounds, if not free.

Many are poorly educated, mentally ill, refuse to join the army (Etrea for example), yet cannot even read or write.

They should just go back home, really.

Especially with laws in this country, such as ‘every man has the the Right to see his child, even if he has raped the woman’ automatically ensuring the legal rights for callous criminals from abroad, especially war torn countries in Africa, to live, work and stay in this country WTF something legislative needs to be carried out within Parliament VERY URGENTLY.

Palestinian men, say they see white women as a ticket to paradise.

Our women, are being used and treated, like a free VISA.

These ‘international’ men then come to the UK thinking it is ‘THE fucking America’, when Britain is really, relatively, a small place.

The streets of London, have become literally, like a Safari.

Our prisons are FULL.

We need to build more prisons apparently.

In the interest, of the safety and protection of our women, Something NEEDS TO BE DONE URGENTLY.

Honestly, I don’t know what to do other than ‘exterminate all Niggers’ so if you can please help me find a cheaper alternative foreign policy that would be much appreciated.

I think, for women’s sake, the least the HP can do is implement some legislation that deports ‘international’ men who have ‘convenience marriages’ or ‘convenience pregnancies’ by either 1. Marrying a British National before obtaining a National Insurance Number 2. Getting a British National pregnant before obtaining a National Insurance Number, please.

As for European or foreign women, Obviously, same NO foreign women equally, will be aloud to either 1. Marry a British National before obtaining a National Insurance number or 2. Have children with a British National before obtaining a National Insurance number, without being deported, your country will have to decide it’s own laws to protect you because unfortunatley, there are NOT actual Lion and Pegasus in this country, it’s just a myth.

If this is NOT implemented, this is, generally, WHAT will happen, due to the oppressive VISA restrictions that are already in place:

These African men then get arrested for either 1. Possession of drugs 2. Violence and or disorderly behaviour or 3. Prostitution and get given 4. An Interpreter 5. A Solicitor 6. A free hotel or free bedroom or studio flat, if not, a 4 bedroom house 7. Universal Credit or ESA 8. Free meals and 9. The safety and right to stay in this country, despite being parasites.

I see more and more black women, with white men now.

These international men (not only Africans) actually get more benefits (free money and meals WTF) than I do, when I have 4 chronic health conditions which means I SHOULD be entitled to free meals and transport or catered accommodation and my whole family served in the British Army, and the reason I’m sick is DUE TO YEARS OF ABUSE from these RACIST SEXIST BLACK AND AFRICAN MEN, some even ‘British Nationals’.

It doesn’t stop there, if your daughter hasn’t been what they like to call ‘ghosted’ drugged, fucked or raped and then abandoned, and is NOT HALF DEAD along with her unborn child, NEXT is the financial abuse which is just PEAK.

As we know, all African’s or internationals, have to pay for a VISA but they don’t want to pay for it and none of them do unless they have used their ‘WHITE BITCH’S’ bank account to commit fraud and ALSO completley empty their bank account, pretending to be part of a BIG BLACK GANG that has control over the financial ‘SYSTEM’ as they like to call it.

WHAT a joke, having to withdraw what (?) a minimum of £30,000 pounds per year for their VISA, every African in this country can therefore be accountable for fraud and financial abuse against at least 3 -10 women or ‘DUMB WHITE BITCHES’ as they like to call us, with a British bank account per year and, thinking this country is the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (?) All our ATM’s are either 1. empty, no cash, 2. Torn out of the wall or 3. Our Banks have gone bust and Lloyd’s customers may loose all their money overnight, like many banks, because they are the ones who had to reimburse these women and African men’s theft, in effect, the banks have paid for probably every Nigerian’s VISA in this country and quite frankly, the banks can’t cope, they don’t even have that much money for even, 1 single African’s VISA in the ATM machine or even in the bank in the first place.

Maybe you understand, WHY ‘Whites’ perceive you to be gluttonous KINGS sometimes.

It’s like King Farouk has moved into ‘dead end street.’

WORSE STILL is the fact that OUR PITIFUL BANKS have to pay for NOT 1 VISA BUT 2 VISAs, for every 1 NIGGER who commits fraud, firstly the bank has to 1. Pay the ‘dumb white bitch’ back and equal her balance again within 2 days 2. They have to pay for the money that has disappeared.

Think about this, think how much strain this has been not only on us but also our banks and entire financial system.

Morbidly obese Nigerians with 2 4×4 cars, is not uncommon.

Bank fraud has become a way of life, for many Nigerians and Africans alike.

A Pakistani man sitting on his laptop in East London, using his (parents ?) property’s ‘rent money’ as a veil to this unexplained ‘wealth’ or fraud, is the one transferring the money between the accounts.

It’s not ‘rocket science’ and it’s not black magic either.

He has a sheet infront of him with (previously you only needed, now you need more details but it makes no difference, it just takes a little longer) names, birthdays, account numbers and sort codes, card expiry dates, cvc numbers and (sometimes even) pin codes; he uses internet banking (something that has taken Britain a while to learn) to transfer the money, into a ‘dead bank account’, like a ‘third wheel’ and then into the desired bank account.

A ‘dead bank account’ is basically an account that would have been abandoned, due to pre-existing fraud perhaps (?) or whatever the reason may be that someone abandons an account.

Bank accounts do ‘expire’, student accounts for example.

They then send, often, one of their ‘smart bitches’, to dress up in one of her smartest outfits, nails done, hair good, to risk going to prison, to collect the money (often via appointment as it is such a large amount) from the bank.

They will often set up a bank account especially for this perhaps, pretending to be a couple (?) Maybe they are genuine couples.

Rather like con artists. To conceal the wealth, you just like any millionaire, invest it, by buying a car for example, or many cars.

Or drugs.

Bank fraud can become addictive and is very moorish, it becomes a way of life for many Nigerians and they can’t stop.

These African and Asian (Indian, Pakistai and Bengali) men using properties to conceal illegal wealth, stolen from our banks and often, vulnerable White women or even girls, who feel so intimidated or scared and confused, they don’t know what to say, often like to call themselves ‘pimps’ but really, they are the hoes.

I’m not joking, most will try to have sex with you, at some cost, usually it equates to ten GBP pounds.

Although it is a very simple and these women usually all young, single, independent women or even men who have been totally targeted, harassed and often stalked, these men will persistently financially abuse these women, even putting reference messages on the transaction they’ve made, such as ‘I’M ON TO YOU.UK’ or insults.

That’s not even the half of it, these women are not children, who openly give their bank details to people, these African men then recruit and they themselves, get jobs working as ‘charity fundaisers’, for organisations such as ‘Cancer Research UK’ obtaining women’s most recent account numbers, sort codes and bank card details, their post code and even first line of address, first names, surnames, mobile phone numbers and or email addresses, so now, they’re flying the Pegasus.

When you realise this, their motive to obtain women’s most recent details and addresses, despite already having these women’s details and their consistent and persistent abuse, you realise this is not really about money or the desire to pay for a VISA anymore, it’s about ‘control’.

It’s all about ‘control’ and the exploitation of ‘White girls’ or women.

A lot of the time, you must understand, these African men must be severely mentally ill because these women really do not have a lot of money at all, it is just that they want to ‘control’.

Many of these women, perhaps due to sexism (?) Or the fact that they are poor (?) have been ignored, overlooked, not even investigated and the women treated almost like stupid children by their banks, who are confused, everytime fraud appears on their account and clueless as to WHY there’s a financial crisis.

Funny, now we’re laughing.

It doesn’t stop there either, ‘money makes the world go around’ and now the UPS and DHL trucks are having to make MORE REGULAR deliveries, they’re everwhere at any time of day.

This now leads to a whole other secondary category set of crimes; Ghanaian’s, African’s, Jamaican’s, UAE and even White working class, often British born, following UPS trucks, with face masks.

Now this is not so easy, the police can see if you’re following these trucks now, one man explains to me.

They rob Post Office’s as it’s easier and much quicker to get everyone with their heads on the floor, you can go out into the country, where there is less security and less people, Gloucester for example, these London boys have a hell of a good time.

But you can see how, the African’s, especially the Nigerian influence given the evidence, have mapped their own proxy Africa, onto London, Aberdeen and Birmingham apparently, where this research was obtained, where a vast majority are Indian and Pakistani men, I don’t know about the rest of the UK.

As mentioned, the wish to ‘control’ things, which quite simply, should be left out if their hands.

Kind of like control freaks, maybe half unconscious Post Traumatic Slavery Disorder.

This was all due to looking for properties in East London.

Many of these men, if you are not a student, will use dating sites as online platforms, to get the ‘ball rolling’ to target their victims.

They tend to be free dating sites as 1. Often these African men don’t even have a bank account and 2. They cannot therefore be traced and can lie about everything, including their real name.

This also very conveniently means, they themselves can target ‘vulnerable’ men and women who are either poor or sick and unemployed themselves, meaning the police just like the bank, will not even report these crimes, listen to them, or take them seriously.

These women, especially poor and poorly educated, already highly stressed, also live in fear, that 1. The ‘SYSTEM’ is ‘against them’ and or 2. That THEY are the criminals, which can become highly destructive.

It’s 2 birds with 1 stone for the African though.

Now things are very serious, WHY is it ONLY WHITE working class women who seem to be screaming outside their bank (?)

And White boys, all unemplpyed and under weight all of a sudden (?)

Subjective financial abuse against Whites through racist extortion, is A HUGE PROBLEM now.

Generally speaking, if you’re White, you have to pay 30% EXTRA for the same amount of drugs.

If they haven’t compltley robbed you already before you even got your drugs.

This has been very sad, especially for White working Class boys who probably have the hardest time and get the least amount of help.

Our banks can’t cope and social security, or universal credit has been capped WTF.

My neighbour has to survive on something around £50 GBP pounds per month, whilst looking for work, heinous really.

I used to get £50 GBP pounds per week, whilst looking for work, I nearly died of malnutrition, I’m not exaggerating, I was 42 kilos and had to be sectioned. Now I’m 41 kilos and still struggling to keep the weight on, with double that money.

White working class men also did not feel the need to completley trash the borough of Tottenham.

I guess MP David Lammy does highlight how African’s, especially Nigerians are being duressed with money, to silence them from what’s really going on in their country.

And what the cooperations are up to.

Meanwhile, the Jordan River, has split in two.

Implementing legislation to prevent ‘convenience marriages’ and ‘convenience pregnancies’ will not however completely quell this financial issue, as it is far too easy to get a Bank account in this country; They give National British student bank accounts to literally, ANYONE, who comes into this country for a degree…

They should really make it more difficult to obtain a British bank account, like waiting until you graduate, waiting until you have obtained your National Insurance number, or a certain level of social security status.

The African’s, Europeans for that matter and all internationals I guess will have to get their own banks to represent them here in the UK.

African women are EVEN WORSE, instead of using their dick as a WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION, their only weapon is to 1. BE THE WORLD’S BIGGEST LIAR AND WHORE who can’t stop spawning more parasites (4 x the amount of White women), meaning White women like myself have lost a baby through Nigger vegeance and Black Supremacy within the NHS 2. Pretending to be mentally ill to get their ‘knap sack of privileges’ as they like to call it, when I’m sorry you are ALL either 1. Morbidly obese or 2. On drugs and 3. Beyond lazy and retarded, since when was gluttony and feeling sorry for yourself a recognised mental health problem (?) According to African and Black women, the reason they don’t want to work and are entitled to this is due to ‘racism’ WTF when everyone knows, even Black men, that they’re fostering the racism and being fat, ugly, stupid and attracting negative attention to yourself is NOT racism, it’s just common sense: Go get a life.

They want everything, including world domination.

“UH UH UH” keep fucking, maybe one day, you’ll get a job (!)

EVEN asking WHAT colour your baby will be is seen as ‘RACISM’ even ACCORDING to the most prestigious and highly educated of Nigger representatives and they will try to bring down the entire British Monarchy as a result. WTF.

I’m sorry we EVER BOTHERED to pretend to take an interest in the SCUM OF THE EARTH but I thought that was WHAT you wanted I thought that was ‘forward thinking’.

Whilst MP David Lammy says this is not true “every day sould be Father’s Day” when we know, every day IS Father’s Day anyways; 50% of the population are skipping meals and they ARE ALL WOMEN, David Lammy continues with his infamous Bullshit: “white working class men want to be at home, but they have too much work” we all know he’s FULL OF SHIT cos something near enough 80% of white working class men are unemployed.

I guess David Lammy really does prove he is the misogynistic, arrogant, sexist, black supremacist we all thought he was, telling women to ‘glorify’ their husbands when 1. He’s morbidly obese and 2. Stealing meals from women’s purses and everyone knows MP David Lammy is stealing my intellectual property, when I weigh 41 kilos, so it’s not like he has “too much work”, he’s just exploiting women through sexism, racism/antisemitism, black supremacy and femicides.

I think WHAT David Lammy means to say is ‘white working class men would like to be at home, but they can’t afford to support, even themselves.’

Everyone knows 70-80% of White working class men are unemployed so by making up MALICIOUS AND HEINOUS lies that it’s actually because they have “too much work” proves MP David Lammy is either 1. VERY FUCKING STUPID or 2. maliciously and heinously trying to channel white working class men into the same babel of destruction as the black men who spawned MP David Lammy, trying to encourage illegal work such as drug dealing and prostitution: 2 major priorities and the only forms of employment in the Great Borough of David Lammy, before Social Services, which is his biggest government budget.

I guess David Lammy does highlight WHY we need to exterminate ALL NIGGERS even those born in this country like himself, and ban them from 1. Politics as vengeance and unconscious (?) Post Traumatic Slavery Disorder is fostering the destruction of our country and 2. Any jobs as vengeance and unconscious (?) Post Traumatic Slavery Disorder is ruining our country due to immigrants and NIGGERS who don’t care and hate white people and who use their jobs and positions of power or authority to pretend to be dumb, refuse to deal with contracts themselves and have out sourced our whole country (No, it was not even Thatcher.)

Even Muslims, Mohammed told you you can have more than 1 wife IF YOU LOOK AFTER THEM ALL EQUALLY, which Mohammed knows was impossible and although he had many wives they were NOT ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

Whilst the DWP and or EDL like to blame immigrants for taking tax payers money you ACTUALLY have to have a National Insurance Number to be entitled to any Social Security in this country, so really, PRITI PATEL THE DUMB BITCH DOG should just deport any men from abroad in this country who either 1. Gets married before they have obtained their NI Number or 2. Has a baby before they have obtained their NI Number.

It IS ACTUALLY a criminal offence for ‘international’s to do these things, without an NI Number in order to get an NI Number, so I don’t see why the government STILL has not enforced this legislation to avoid these criminal ‘convenience marriages’ and ‘convenience pregnancies’ that leave a babel of destruction, especially amongst working class women and their children, who all seem to end up in care or prison, or both.

‘Julius Caesar and the Roman empire could never conquer the good vibe’.

Whilst (like any egotistical journalist) I would like to half apologise and half highlight the pain, torment and destruction behind the lack of immigration controls for women and the nurturing of what appears to be ‘Gang Crime’ and what I like to call a ‘Proxy Africa and Financial War’, on an ‘international level’ it has actually highlighted, just as seems to be the solution to many things, including trade, wars (please see also THE GREAT HUMILIATION: THE CANNABIS WARS) and Israel (please see also IT’S AN OBSESSION: The ‘Jew’ Problem…) as well as Israeli Settlements (please see also THE GREAT HUMILIATION: THE CANNABIS WARS) is the fact that we 1. Need trade laws for merchants and traders to ensure goods are obtained with exact amounts of money (not drugs, guns etc please and to further prevent sanctioning and wars, I’m by no means trying to say NO to drugs or weapons so long as you have the receipt for it, please as this severely affects interest rates) and we 2. Need laws for cooperations regarding the environment a ‘Green Solution’ (?) for Israel, Israeli Settlements and Nigeria for example because everyone can agree, 1. They all want the same things, so the best thing to do is ensure it is made 2. Sustainable for everyone.

On a ‘national level’ it means, if merchant and trade laws are not inplaced, interest rates are severely affected, meaning the interest rates and value of the relevant currency goes down in value (please see also THE GREAT HUMILIATION: THE CANNABIS WARS for further demonstration of this) and crime goes up as these products have not been monitored with monetary value. In effect, firstly markets prove to ‘self regulate’ themselves irrespective of what is going on ‘beneath the surface’ but it can become HIGHLY destructive, so you might as well agree to manage and regulate your financial markets in the first place. Crime also goes up with people smuggling or immigration, especially if nothing is done about our British women being exploited and used as a free VISA.

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