Jenny’s 2021 Pesach Seder: Dr Kolvo Goes to Hell

Yes, as we all know, Dr Kolvo is a nasty bitch, she used to work at North Middlesex University Hospital but after attempted GBH and conspiracy to murder, works at the infamous Whittington hospital now, stalking her victims and trying to silence them along with Ellie Baker who even Dr Julian Wang knows, is a nut job.

Unfortunatley, after finding out that NHS staff actually gave me 200Mg of Steroids as Dr Kolvo quite publicly stopped my medication and tried to kill me, Carol Kehoe, who 1. Never showed up to court or contacted me and doesnt want to work for her money 2. Never even read my pleas, 3. Is trying to deny this ever happening and has started to panick (!)

Oh no, they drugged me, beat me up then arrested me, HOW is Carol Kehoe going to cover this up (?)

Carol Kehoe then, very quickly, a week after the court case was held on 24th March, tries to black mail me, sending me a letter saying that I promise and agree that Tuckers solicitors will not use any of the evidence from the NHS against ‘any doctor’ from the NHS WTF aka Carol Kehoe and Dr Kolvo appear to think they are above the law.

Unfortunatley, it is NOT the NHS who have this evidence, but MYSELF AND THE POLICE (!) Haha.

SO looks like, solicitor Carol Kehoe will 1. Repeat the Exodus for Seder 1 due to 1. Black mail and 3. Attempting to pervert the courts of justice and the best part: she did it to herself, I even have the letter she sent me here.

Nick from tuckers solicitors has openly gone mad, cos he already sent me this form before, proving that tuckers solicitors was not thinking properly and is being bribed by Dr Kolvo if not, someone else who is trying to conceal evidence and pervert the courts of justice in order to find me ‘guilty’ of things I haven’t even done, like 1. Biting and 2. Foaming at the mouth, after malpractice and an injection of 200Mg of steroids.

Obviously, this means, finally, for my Seder, Dr Kolvo will go to HELL and get charged for her crimes and suspended from the NHS so 1. She can’t commit any more of her infamous femicides and 2. I will finally get the treatment and help that I need to lead some, quality of life and compensation for the permanent damage, she and the police inflicted on my body (?)

Oh no, now they can’t put me in prison for a minimum of 1 year like these bizet bitches wanted so badly…

Happy Exodus everyone.

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