It’s An Obsession: The ‘Jew’ Problem…

Macpherson Report into Anti-Semitism Required URGENTLY. IMMEDIATELY.

‘…Worse still is how they use Israel and the exploitation of Israel as a blood libel, to justify capitalism…’

‘…It’s very dangerous as the noblest of aspirations, freedom, love, peace and justice for all, are replaced by lusts of hate and fear for Jews…’

People are so obsessed with Jews, they wont stop until they 1. See and have your blood 2. Start spreading blood libels.

I cannot wear gold hoop earrings without being spat on, physically attacked or assaulted, or even now, arrested, all either outside my home, on the way to the shops, on public transport and in certain parts of London.

Not to mention, the verbal, emotional and psychological abuse.

Sexism, when people think you are Jewish, is like a death sentence.

When I move into my new property here in London 2020, there’s a graffiti of a Star of David with a sad/dead face in the middle as I come up the stairs, on the side of the wall next to my door, kindly re-covered with white graffiti, like tippex.

Sinister, haunting.

A nice ‘welcome’ present from the landlord (?) Or Newham council again.

The worst part is when they came with 8 or more police, in a sensitive Jewish area the police were aware I had been in hospital and therefore was not resisting arrest, but still abused their authority to call me a liar, hand cuff me whilst I was drinking a coffee, totally humiliate me, trash my flat, arrest me and detain me, whilst sniggering and laughing.

My lawyers tuckers solicitors were also, MORE than aware, but didn’t say anything, even when I called them the night before, they told me to go home and not to worry.

It’s becoming very dangerous because people do not see anti-semitism as the same or worse than racism and people just go missing, whilst meanwhile a Macpherson Report into black racist murders (Stephen Lawrence) has been carried out some 30 years ago…

Everytime I call the police, they try to arrest me instead of the attacker. Even after I’ve been stabbed, and had my head cracked open, with people screaming “You privileged white bitch, I want to kill you” on police CCTV, it’s not worth even calling the police because they will only detain me in police detention centres for sometimes 3 days to a week, with no food because I’m a Type 1 Diabetic, until I develop blood poisoning DKA and have to be hospitalised with an insulin pump. Complete waste of time and energy trying to get help from ANY institutions whatsoever.

It’s like sexism, taken to another level, if you speak out, they will try to kill you.

Worse still is how they use Israel and the exploitation of Israel as a blood libel, to justify capitalism…

This is the most dangerous part and probably the most heinous and ACTUALLY anti semitic, utilised as a blood libel, is how Israel as an American colony tries to use Judaism as an ‘ethnicity’ rather than a faith (which is a very obvious antisemitic tactic), not to mention a long standing history, tradition and culture of anti-semitism spanning some 2000 or more years, to justify Corporation’s occupation, mass exploitation and inhumane treatment of Israel.

This is almost if not worse, given its heightened relevance given the economic and political climate, like blaming the Jews for Jesus’s death, when Jesus was Jewish.

It’s very dangerous as the noblest of aspirations, freedom, love, peace and justice for all, are replaced by lusts of hate and fear for Jews.

Jews get used like some kind of political football, when it suits capitalism.

And there is no one to ask for help, left or right, it’s just as bad as tying both my hands together.

Even Jews in America hate this, they find themselves forced to fight against these corporations, risking their own lives, in palestine, still smeared, throughout their fight to prove otherwise.

Now, even the Jews hate themselves, great.

It has nothing to do with us, it’s the corporations.

‘Jews’ actually form the poorest, of all faith factions.

I hate talking about race sometimes it’s grim and depressing but it’s becoming a real issue, especially black people against Jews now, they think Jews have “all the power” or “are the most powerful people in the world” and are responsible for slavery, oppression, capitalism and any financial or irritating issues generally, etc whilst meanwhile worshipping and receiting Jesus their KING, a dead Jew.

Again, just a little sinister, if not haunting.

Jesus hated money, possessions and adored charity, people and food.

Anti-Semitic Black Supremacists (Tyler Brown et al), Tuckers Solicitors and the Met police try to beat a girl to death (with medical evidence to even prove the extent of their anti-Semitic hatred -broken bones) because she complained about sexually aggravated rape, molestation, violence, abuse and attempted murder.

Sexism, when people think you are jewish, is like a death sentence.

Probably, the worst part is how I got stabbed in the head, with several medical reports from different doctors to prove it, twice, and the police actually STEPPED OVER my body and are protecting Tyler Brown by refusing to acknowledge this ever happening, and have instead used this opportunity to NOT protect me but suggest I am a threat to society and legitimise illegal raids, brutality, theft, abuse, GBH, conspiracy to murder, conspiracy to committ GBH and perverting the courts of justice as well as general persecution (like being thrown down the stairs everytime I come home so I have to move house ALL the time because the police WANT to arrest me (?) WTF for being thrown down the stairs, instead of the white woman who threw me down the stairs. Insane, they still don’t see it as racism or conspiracy to murder, cos I am white and single.

The REALLY disgusting part is how a black solicitor named Carol Kehoe, is trying to deny the fact that Tyler Brown and his gang of police he buys drugs, beat me until they broke my bones, despite the fact that it was so bad, the NHS had to intervene and wrote a medical report saying ‘police brutality’ and how she is trying to refuse to obtain the medical report from PC Stuart Davies (the same PC who refused to report Tyler Brown’s sexually aggravated rape, molestation, violence, abuse and attempted murder) and press charges against me today, for screaming out, after being beaten up so badly by Tyler, then PC TAIBOT who joined in until they broke my bones. They’re now trying to change the story obviously and make out they are the victims, which is just embarrassing, like watching fat Meghan Markle on YouTube.

Trying to persecute me for shouting at, after having my collar bone broken, is NUTS. They actually want to protect Tyler Brown, a psycho who likes to stick knives in his victims, then use his race, as an excuse to silence his victims and put them in prison if they complain or try to get justice.

They all think I’m a millionaire and financially abuse me to HELL I weigh 41 kilos.

It’s been, all my life, but ten years like this in London after a muslim girl, started to tell everyone I was jewish and started some kind of jealous obsessed cult.

It’s taken me ten years, to even get into a court in this country, yet it takes Tyler Brown and the police only a month, to nearly beat you to death and put you in prison, because I am a woman who will not allow herself to be murdered .

The REAL danger nowadays, is the fact that BLACK PEOPLE in particular not to mention the police and the general status quo, feel white people especially Jews ‘owe them’ for slavery, they have a lot of sexually aggravated pent up anger and vengeance, but at the same time they do not see anti-Semitism and racism as the same thing, and therefore anti-semitism has become worse, and is now being used by BAME to vent out their anger, against whites, when in fact, Jews are treated far worse, than blacks, I mean for starters, we don’t get any publicity, usually, even the police have stepped over my body, after I got stabbed, they just leave you to rot and die and if you survive, they hate that too, they will not stop, until you are dead.

Black Supremacists try to murder Jews in order to get revenge from Whites for years of slavery.

I’ve had generally, members of the public, repeatedly infer over the last ten years I’ve been in London (before lockdown, Corona, Brexit et al) that Jews like to dress in strange clothes, and carry out weekly rituals, such as fucking and slaughtering animals. Mad antisemitism.

Lack of education about anti-semitism (the fact that RACISM and anti-Semitism are the same thing if not worse) and the fact that black people believe ALL WHITES especially Jews are the beneficiaries of white priviledge, means the Jews really do, get murdered by Black Supremacists, like Tyler Brown et al and the police.

Macpherson Report into Anti-Semitism Required URGENTLY.

“Where is she” the girls gasps, running up the stairs. 

“Look at her nose”.

It’s like they have sent a ‘witch hunt’ out for me, who told them I am here (?)

The ‘Woman’ Problem (?) -Similarities between racism and sexism gives a clearer picture of anti-semitism:

Sexism, like racism, ‘is usually understood as something that is active, it exists in the things both men and women do: in insults, in financial abuse, the propagation of hateful conspiracy theories…’, of mental illness, indicative that they think we are liars and delusional, ‘in both moral or mental terms we are thus ‘deficient’, in physical attacks, in murder, all with horrifying regularity, still today…’

This was partly outlined by a man actually, a journalist and author who wrote “Why the Jews don’t Count” he looks at present day anti semitism and the discrepancies between racism and antisemitism.

Less obvious, at least to many men and many whites, ‘are its manifestations in the things people do not do; in conspicuous silences, failures to apply principles…’

One reason for these false assumptions is that sexism, like racism, ‘entails the identification of the redistribution of power,’ this instinctively appeals to someone on the left (?) who wants to make a fairer society (?) This in itself, is a smear and further isolates Jews from all factions of politics and society really, both right and left.

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