Post Traumatic Slavery Disorder (?)…

‘…Looks like Meghan Markle ‘should have gone to Specsavers’ and fucked Jo Biden instead…’

‘…Just another girl, who wants world domination…’

Meghan Markle appears to be suffering from Post Traumatic Slavery Disorder and thinks she can serve as the ‘anti-thesis’ to the British monarchy by starting a trail blazing revolution that’s all about… her.

Unfortunatley, Meghan Markle does not seem to understand, WHAT a constitutional monarchy is.

Unfortunatley, Meghan Markle does not seem to understand, that the wealth of Africa and other post colonial states, switched from the hands of the monarchy into the hands of bank rolling billionaires (like herself), some 200 years ago.

Therefore, she should just kill herself (?)

Meghan Markle also highlights, WHY we need a monarchy in this country and that, it could be a lot worse, if she had not lost her job.

Seeking revenge through various political football’s, such as race and feminism, when 1. Royals are not even supposed or aloud to get involved with political affairs and 2. We have had a black queen before and 3. We thought she wanted to be kept out of the press she so much despises, Meghan Markle is 4. Inconsistent and 5. Doesn’t know what she wants which means she is 6. Lying 7. Is completely ‘OFF KEY’ and 8. Needs to get sectioned.

Probably the most disgusting and worst part about Meghan Markle is how she attacked The Duchess of Cambridge, in a malicious and futile news attack she tried to ping pong the Duchess of Cambridge into her little pitiful game of thrones, calling The Duchess of Cambridge ‘Collateral Damage’ in comparison to her own wedding (when we all know WHO actually looks and behaves and is collateral damage) which was just embarrassing, humiliating and makes Meghan look like a volatile mental health patient.

This totally changed everyone’s level of empathy or even sympathy for Meghan, especially when the Duchess of Cambridge doesn’t actually give a fuck, especially when Meghan Markle then inconsistently yet superficially uses her publicity to send a unexpected Birthday present to the Duchess of Cambridge (which none of the other Royals felt forced to do) and especially when the Royals have tried to both speak and not to speak to Meghan Markle and she has simply used this opportunity to manipulate any interaction she has had with the Royals in order to not only 1. Heinously try to sell a story when HM Queen Elizabeth has asked the press to please leave HRH The Duke and The Duchess of Cambridge alone after what happened to Diana and then 2. To prove she is beyond mental health repair try to manipulate these stories to threaten (not actually make) some kind of compensation claim (?)

This was all nurtured largely by the now infamous Oprah Winfrey because Harry and Meghan Markle want more ‘support’ aka money (?) This is actually black mail against the Royal family.

I don’t know what Oprah Winfrey has to say about all of this but hopefully after she gets sued, if Prince Philip recovers, she can finally loose all that weight she can’t seem to shift from one decade to the next.

I honestly cannot look at, watch, listen or take this Meghan woman seriously.

Others may wish to chop off her head, as that’s a bit pre historic, this may be a valuable education for Meghan Markle.

We got our wax doll, now you can f*ck off.

Looks like Meghan Markle ‘should have gone to Specsavers’ and fucked Jo Biden instead.

She looks like Amy Winehouse.

Just another girl, who wants world domination.

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