Dumb Attention Seeking Bitch ‘Patsy Patty Brains’ Gets Women Bad Press in a Proxy Conflict…

Patsy got arrested after attending an illegal gathering that breached Corona regulations and after trying to attract and cause trouble is now trying to use her femininity to suggest that her feebleness, is the reason she was arrested.

Whilst the police are a bunch of pussies meaning Patsy’s feebleness can explain the remaining 50% reason for her arrest, WHAT a dumb bitch, now the HP and police have decided, (due to this attention seeking whore who has simply used her femininity like some kind of ‘political football’) to implement new legislation enabling plain clothed aka under cover police to interfere with women instead, meaning that next time, the police will get away with murder and it can be kept out of the press.

Meanwhile, what is deeply saddening is that whilst Patsy Patty Brains is trying to get more women murdered, really, there are women who have been so badly beaten up by sexist FEMALE staff and police with broken bones, whilst not even having broken the law, some, like myself, for being ‘too thin’ whilst sleeping on a ward, in a hospital bed at 2am.

What is even more annoying is how this event and women tried to use and almost advertise feminism, to legitimise their response when in fact, it’s VERY BASIC human rights and the response from the police is even more disgusting and heinous, just allowing them to further, completely deny women the reality of their experiences and get away with murder.

There, whilst I initially wanted to give Patsy the Dumbest Woman to ever feature in the Evening Standard Award after selling her story to multiple publications and fostering a heinous not to mention sexist legislation enabling enhanced police powers to not only 1. Interfere with women and their privacy but also 2. Completley deny women the reality of their experiences and get away with it by enabling these police to operate in plain clothes meaning I am even more terrified to go outside even with a crowd, not to mention by myself, I think this Patsy woman wins the Dumbest Woman to ever feature in this century Award.

She has just given the police the right to now molest women, thanks.

And to make matters worse, she’s a ginger.

I have nothing against Patsy personally, I’ve never met the woman, she was clearly just being used as a tool.

As a woman myself, I was totally embarrassed and humiliated by the whole media experience.

I guess Patsy did get, some nice pre-rehearsed photos.

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