JENNY’S FUCK ROW: Harry and Meghan (Re)Markle(able)

No one has ever won JENNY’S FUCK ROW twice, so this is an achievement on the world stage of, stupidity.

Yes, you guessed right, Harry and Meghan (Re)Markle(able) still have not made an application at the job centre and are still trying to ring their dad for help (!)

Apparently Harry is upset cos HRH Prince Charles doesn’t answer his phone since he left his job.

Meanwhile, Meghan and her mania appears to be driving her, mad.

Yes, MAD is an actual, real life thing, where basically you become so repetitive psychology can only assume you are insane, kind of like a broken record.

Meghan Markle appears to be suffering from Post Traumatic Slavery Disorder and thinks she can serve as the ‘anti-thesis’ to the British monarchy by starting a trail blazing revolution that’s all about… her.

Unfortunatley, Meghan Markle does not seem to understand, WHAT a constitutional monarchy is.

Unfortunatley, Meghan Markle does not seem to understand, that the wealth of Africa and other post colonial states, switched from the hands of the monarchy into the hands of bank rolling billionaires (like herself), some 200 years ago.

Therefore, she should just kill herself (?)

Meghan Markle also highlights, WHY we need a monarchy in this country and that, it could be a lot worse, if she had not lost her job.

Seeking revenge through various political football’s, such as race and feminism, when we have had a black queen before and we thought she wanted to be kept out of the press she so much despises, Meghan Markle is inconsistent, doesn’t know what she wants which means she is lying and needs to get sectioned.

And the best part: they did it to themselves.

I thought you have to be a teenager, to have a teenage pregnancy in this country (?)

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