THE GREAT HUMILIATION: The Cannabis Wars: Covid-19 Versus Government Gunman Deaths

“A government who thinks they have everything under control, has nothing under control. The government with Covid-19 is like a gunman, shooting has gotten out of hand, there are so many guns about the place yet the police don’t even find 200 guns per month.”

“Covid-19 killed somewhere around 300 people from March 2020 to December 2020 in Jamaica, whilst gunmen killed 1000 people.”

That’s 4 times the amount killed by Covid-19.

As a British Island, Jamaica gives a very condensed yet concise synopsis of trade and power relations, within Britain and America too.

92.1% of the population are Black, 6.1% Mixed, 0.8% East Indian, 0.4% Other, 0.7% Unspecified.

Meanwhile, Cannabis has reached a ‘national shortage’ in Jamaica and the Jamaican Government say this is ‘a national embarassment’ but the people who own these new ‘Smoke Shops’ or what we know in the UK as Vapeshops, which along with KFC, Starbucks, a few fruit and independent traders, are the only shops left on the high street, are now selling 1 gram of Cannabis, for $1000 Dollars, that’s approximately £750-800 GBP.

£720.21 GBP to be precise, looks like the Dollar has only gone down in value.

If 1g of Cannabis is $1000 Dollars 1Ib or a Pound of weed 336g or 16 ounces is therefore now at present moment, in these ‘Smoke Shops’ $336,000 Dollars.

This makes sense, a pack of 0.1g CBD tablets for just over £55 pounds, has only a microscopic amount of tampered with and treated cannabis in it, for a significantly higher price.

1 gram of Cannabis should only be and is only ‘a tenner’ £10 GBP on the black market here in the UK and on the market in Amsterdam too.

There is no real ‘black market’ as such, it should just be called the ‘slave trade’ -sorry Beyonce.

“Jenny it was like I was addicted to my job, I couldn’t stop” his eyes are wide, Daniel explains to me how after having his first child at the age of 24, he felt forced to work packing drugs, rolling heroine into balls all night, until his fingers were bleeding and then wrapping it into pieces of plastic bag, here in London funnily enough, his mother a highly respectable raas.

Daniel from London says he has “never been so stupid as to try heroine”, overworked, sweating in an over heated space, consistently and constantly breathing in the fumes of the drug, for many hours at a time, engrossed beneath the skin of his bleeding fingers, I explain to Daniel how ‘osmosis’ made him high and addicted to his job.

All that Daniel wanted to do, was spoil his baby daughter. Somehow, he ended up spending 15 years in prison instead, lost his partner and 3 kids, just like what happened to his dad and mum before him who he still feels neglected by (I explain to Daniel that things were tough back then in the 1980’s women were not even aloud to collect their own benefits from the job centre until 1990 they had to get their husbands to collect the money for them, like many women, his mother had no real choice but to re-marry and I explain that she did it because she loved him and probably wouldn’t have done it if not for him). I tell Daniel he probably suffers, given what he has told me, with manic depression, a fear that someone is trying to take something that he has or can’t have all the time. He weight lifts and lifts weights 4 x heavier than myself. I hear him crying in the night. He cries more than me.

Although Daniel smashed my front door in, due to a lasagne and a half ounce, which turns out was not even a lasagne but a ‘pasta bake’ and someone subsequently shit bagged his flat, for months after leaving my property, Daniel repeatedly calls me on a private number on my phone, but does not leave any message as such on voicemail, just noises, like he doesn’t know what to say. When I realise who it is, eventually I start answering my phone, put the phone on loud speaker, put it on my bed, next to my head and we listen to each other, just breathing. It’s comforting.

His dad is from Ghana, he bought him a bike recently, his mum is from Jamaica and she likes to cook him “Bombay potatoes” with turmeric. He grew up in West London.

The Government of Jamaica as well as other countries and bank rolling billionaires are exploiting drug, cannabis workers and Jamaican farmers with gunmen, in ‘a wok’ or what are known as ‘illegal’ ‘drug factories’ in the UK and all across the world.

It probably also explains, WHY white people find ‘Niggers’ a criminally offensive word, whilst black people don’t give a fuck.

These cannabis ‘Smoke Shops’ only pay cannabis workers and Jamaican farmers, LITTLE OR NOTHING for their cannabis, whilst selling 1 gram which costs £10 GBP, for $1000 Dollars.

This probably explains the reason for the supposed ‘cannabis shortage’ and GREAT HUMILIATION in Jamaica, why trade and things have totally fucked up, crime has gone through the roof and why there is what some people have decided to call an ‘apocalypse’.

Some people in this country including NHS doctors and surgeons, actually believe it is THE ‘apocalypse’.

Whilst the Christians are praying for an answer to THE ‘apocalypse’ through Covid-19 deaths, the Government are praying for an answer to THE ‘apocalypse’ through Covid-19 criminalization.

As if you can put the sick in prison (?)


Protect the WHOLE plant, please.

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