The Patient’s Association: Captain Tom Moore, treated like a dog, until he died…

Captain Tom Moore, tantalized by the NHS, until he finally died of Pneumonia.

How sad.

“But he used to make us laugh” a lower class scum NHS nurse, with a voice like a strangled smack whore cries, in her defence.

Yer, so can a dog.

When are the NHS going to learn to stop treating patients like animals or some form of entertainment (?)

They could have at least taken his temperature (?)

They did this, to in effect, exploit Captain Tom Moore, of 36 million pounds.

What is even sadder is, this money went straight into the NHS BLACK HOLE, NOT the patients, who are sick, dying and don’t even get fed by the NHS let alone given any medication.

I guess Tom Moore did highlight, HOW SICK NHS staff are, something called “NHS bullying” quote Deputy Chair BMA and how the NHS is beyond repair as it has reached a state of what can be termed as ‘Genocide’ NOT ‘Good Morale’.

For this reason, I had to call my local MP and NATO and we had to spend the last year, trying to educate NHS staff, on how to be human.

What is even more sick, is how the British public, cried for Tom Moore, unaware, WHY or WHAT they were crying for: NHS abuse.

This did not work, as NHS staff ALL (irrespective of their varying levels of qualification) appear to suffer so badly from something called ‘Doctor’s narcism’, where they still think they can legitimise murder, are above the law, have their own police force, can change the law and play G-d with people’s lives and so now, as this has fostered a destructive NHS CULT, for this reason, I have started, The Patient’s Association.

If you feel equally abused, ‘let down’ by the NHS or would just like to chat, please do not hesitate to call or text me on: 07842957320 so we can make the changes we need, to ‘save the NHS’.

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