WHO hosted Jimmy Saville’s Phaedo Parties (?) -The NHS

WHO never said nothing for years and even joined in (?) -The NHS

WHO concealed their abuse for decades and abused their victims in doing so (?) -The NHS

WHO can YOU NOT take to court in this country (?) -The NHS

WHO is strangely enough exempt from the United Nations (?) -The NHS

WHO is, despite being ‘exempt’ still classified as the WORST HEALTHCARE system in all of Europe after Greece (?) -The NHS

WHY do we always have to wait until the guy is dead, before the abuse stops (?)

WHY are so many Jamaicans in this country physically and mentally debilitating ‘sick’ (Because of the NHS) (?)

Does the NHS really believe it can cover up the Windrush generation through what can be termed as ‘genocide’ (?)

HOW come you NEVER see a rastafarian or Jew utilising and or working for the NHS (?)

WHY didn’t the NHS ‘accidentally’ kill him like they do everyone else (?)

Seems like some kind of Hitler Kampf.

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