JACK the RIPPER STILL LIVES (!) The Hopetown Hostel Old Montague Street, E1 5NG LEAKS…

WHO hosted Jimmy Saville’s Phaedo Parties (?) -The NHS

WHO never said nothing for years and even joined in (?) -The NHS

WHO concealed their abuse for decades and abused their victims in doing so (?) -The NHS

WHO can YOU NOT take to court in this country (?) -The NHS

WHO is strangely enough, exempt from the United Nations (?) -The NHS

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The ‘Myth’ of Jack the Ripper/ Rapist is finally uncovered.

200 years of sexually aggravated vengeance, revealed.

How the NHS, Met Police, Salvation Army, Lookahead Housing and One Support Group abuse their victims and refuse to arrest and charge Tyler Brown and deny me the reality of my experiences, to cover up/which has actually opened up the ‘Flood Gates’ into over 200 years of racially sexually aggravated vengeance at Hopetown Hostel, a female hostel for homeless women with physical and mental health issues, which has now been closed down…

For obvious reasons.

Wow, I thought you wanted me to ‘keep Shh’ about it…

They will kill me if I don’t speak about it, and they beat me up when I bring the police the evidence, so I might as well speak about it.

It’s very strange that 200 years after Jack the Ripper, women are still coming out of Hopetown Hostel, Old Montague Street, with the same ‘Jack the Ripper’ style bear claw scars or wounds on their pussy after (if not duressed by staff), being drugged and molested in their sleep.

The staff at Hopetown Hostel (Lookahead Housing) say their victims are ‘crazy’, ‘mentally ill’ and there’s ‘something wrong with them’ and that the girls are ‘mentally incapable’ and actually follow me and chase me right down Old Montague Street to Brick Lane, just to tell me this (!) This was because they were scared and thought I was the police or press…

They didn’t realise, I actually used to be a resident at Hopetown.

WHAT a dumb bitch she was.

I would also like to take this opportunity to apologise, for the ‘burden’ some of these women still, have to carry.

All’s you had to do was not deny me the reality of my experiences, give me justice, compensation and stop abusing me (still, 8 years afters), arrest Tyler Brown and put him in prison for a ‘subjective’ rape, now 200 years of abuse and paranoia, completely stitches up the whole tourism industry and Jack the Ripper is now, officially dead.

It looks like the responsible institutions used ‘Jack the Ripper’ like the Salvation Army used religion before they lost their contract in 2013, as an ‘opiate for the masses’.

Wow, those pimps must totally want to destroy Tyler Brown, Flat 53b Derbyshire Street, Bethnal Green right now…

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