NHS POLICE: Nasty NHS Workers: Sam The DIRTY SCUM Secretary from Medicus Select Care, 8 Bingsfield Road, London, N1 OAI

She is so disgustingly ugly, if she was not lower class scum, you’d think she was a lesbian.

She is so ugly, I have actually been falsely diagnosed with Addison’s disease and chronic nausea, in her presence.

The clue is in the look really, she is as nasty as she looks.

Being lower class scum give Sam literally, half a Microgram of responsibility and she will (ab)use that in attempts to murder you.

This can vary from Sam refusing to give you an appointment, until you have to be admitted to hospital cos you’ve become so underweight with an infection, that you are on deaths door…

To Sam trying to tell your GP that Arthritis is ‘just anxiety’ and that she does not have any of the letters from my specialist  when turns out Dr Messenger actually has all those letters so she was just lying and emotionally and psychologically trying to abuse me for years, to avoid giving me pain relief, when my bones are crumbling.

Sam also likes to committ sexual MISCONDUCT with Dr Razzaq and she even, bends down like she is about to jump into my pussy, when being molested by Dr Razzaq, even though she is NOT a qualified nurse and shouldn’t even be on the meeting.

Sam looks like she should be a screw and I hope someone can mash her up and then leave her for 7 years on the floor, with no pain relief, so she can get a brief idea, of what some of her patients may have had to go through.

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