NHS POLICE: Dirty Asian Doctors Guilty of Sexual Misconduct: Dr Razzaq, Medicus Select Care, 8 Bingsfield Road, London, N1 0AI.

He is so tiny, he reminds you WHY so many Asians have to run phaedo rings in this country.

Dr Razzaq may be tiny, but that does not mean he is not a homicidal murderer.

Dr Razzaq likes to black mail and potentially put his patients lives at risk, by illegally stopping their medication and putting them in hospital for indefinite amounts of time.

Dr Razzaq refuses to listen and even calls security and police, when you request, Diabetic medication, Hydrocortisone and Fludrocortisone but when he illegally stops your anti depressants which u dont even take, he says you have to have a vaginal examination in order to cooperate with Medicus select Care.

Only needing to take a swab, Dr Razzaq uses this opportunity to commit sexual misconduct, right in front of Sam his secretary before then saying “Good girl Jenny, You have fully cooperated with the service, you may choose any GP in your local area now” and (stupidly) prescribes me some anti depressants separate from my repeat prescription, as ‘hush money’.

Medicus Select Care are still refusing to allow me to register with a GP of my choice, so U guess Dr Razzaq, really is, guilty of sexual misconduct.

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