Britain’s Next Dead Mutilated Pig (?): PC McDermott Wood Green Police…

PC Mark McDermott is a fat pleb.

After nearly 3 years, he is so sexist he still refuses, to report a heinous stabbing/attempted murder, cos he is such a pathetic pussy he doesn’t understand how a woman who has had her head beaten pretty much every month her entire life, can get stabbed and not exaggerate the situation.

Despite being shown the wounds, a Medical Report, a rubber glove worn by the attacker, a stabbed hat and scarf and clothes covered in blood, PC Mark McDermott, still, refuses to believe that it is possible for me to have been stabbed, cos he’s a sexist bastard with mental health problems, clearly, if not, Special Needs or blindness.

Because PC Mark McDermott has such difficulty understanding WHAT GBH is, I suggest we show him, first hand.

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