The Story of Tyler Brown The Disgusting Jamaican Social Worker Who Will Be Dead This Year 2021 If Not Spend The Rest Of His Life In Prison.

They say it is hard to get justice for rape and domestic abuse but with a Doctor’s examination and medical report, I don’t know what is stopping the police tbh.

Because the police woman was a jealous, racist, sexist, fucking, fat Asian (danger alarm) however, she decided to give herself the sack by using this opportunity to beat me up and kidnap me for 3 days, because she is jealous, bizet, stupid and fat and desires the victim complex, but obviously, no guy would ever rape her.

Believing Tyler Brown everytine he decides to call the police on me because he is scared I will tell people what he did, just proves, the Met Police are so sexist, as it seems they would much rather, steal the evidence and medical report, beat up the woman, kidnap her for 3 days and torture her, illegally, than arrest the actual criminal who she is MEANT to have a racial bias against.

As soon as that jealous, fat, fucking, stinkin Asian loses her job and gets chopped up into multiple pieces to have any chance of fitting in an average sized coffin, Tyler Brown has not yet been put in prison as far as I am aware so I guess what the jealous, fat, stinkin Asian police woman is saying, is, he’s free meat, and please, seeing as the police can’t be bothered to arrest him, kill him.

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Empowering BAME and Women STARTS WITH YOU (!)

Brexit: The True ‘Olympic Legacy’: A Sinister Side: It’s All About Boris
jennifercmbutler90December 28, 2020Uncategorized
Whilst Trump’ism still exists, yet Trump is gone likewise Boris, who burnt all his bridges with the EU (because of his inability, like Greece, to tell the truth about HOW MUCH money he actually spent and WHO that came from) has created a sinister babel of destruction by informing a racist cult to try to get the favour and patronage of dumb, poorly educated Brits, who inform our country’s vote, as his last hope, of clutching to his seat of treason.

‘…I’m sorry but I’m much too proud to walk away from something when it’s dead…’

“It’s very sad” my dad says, we thought the American’s were thick.

Monday 28th December, 2020

Reporting, Base Camp, London

Ever wondered WHY Boris Johnson sometimes forgets to put on his fake ‘Prime Minister’ accent (?)

Maybe, because he’s fake (?)

Maybe because he isn’t really a Prime Minister (?)

Ever wondered HOW Stratford paid for the Olympics (???)

The ‘cracks’ are starting to show Boris.

Probably the best, or perhaps the worst, part about living in East London from 2010-2013, was seeing the ‘rise and fall of Rome’ literally, on my door step, in Stratford.

Now who would have thought, the same guy London Mayor at the time, Boris Johnson, who fostered a trail blazing Stratford Olympics, is the same guy who has fostered that trail blazing Brexit…

Now, as Covid-19 becomes worse and worse, really through squalid, overcrowded, unhygienic and unsanitary living conditions in Newham London’s council maintained properties, the true ‘Olympic Legacy’, it’s starting to show and the cracks are starting to show.

Now, as a matter of fact, Newham does not seem to have any council maintained properties, Lookahead Housing say it’s the same for all boroughs but Newham Council is the only council that houses its tenants in any borough except Newham.

That is seriously minor to be honest, compared to the shocking and drastic reduction of quality of life and living standards due to Newham Council and agents not paying for fixtures or any maintenance works the last ten years or so, the ‘Olympic Legacy’ is starting to show itself in the general health of the local population in a slightly more sinister form.

Jason, a 20 year old Type 1 Diabetic, born at Newham General. He has missing teeth, and amputated toes. He’s a drug addict but takes me to his mum’s house and let’s me take a bath. Born and bred in Newham, it’s late 2014 February 2015 to be precise and all his mum, he and his brother want is to move out of London. How can a man who has had Diabetes for only ten years have to go through an amputation process, right here, in Newham, where we hosted the 2013 Olympics (?)

Can we trust Boris as much as we trusted Thatcher (?)

Cuts have not only been made to housing but to the NHS as well, for example there used to be a Diabetes walk-in clinic, where you could get materials and medicines and tests done in an emergency in Stratford NOW since 2013 they no longer run this clinic, like many NHS departments, they no longer have the remit for it.

As a matter of fact, since 2013 and not long before, the Conservative Party have sold off, entire NHS hospitals to private healthcare companies, staff unaware, they were no longer working for the NHS.

No, these hospitals were not better run under these private healthcare companies, many were sued and they were inevitably sold off into private rented flats.

Convincing us that Brexit would mean he would renationalise the country, whilst actually, rationing the country now through extensive border checks and controls, yet too chicken to do so and unable to do so as he is not a member of the Labour Party, us Europeans laugh.

Well, I guess the Brits never had to really put up with Hitler in their back yard so now it’s their turn.

Using a few pieces, written by journalists several years ago shortly during and after the Brexit vote, Boris acts now on the grand world stage with his fake Papa Smurf accent as if he knows what will happen in the inevitable future, when we have been telling him this would happen since he left the EU, whilst he simultaneously goes against his 1 promise he did have in his campaign, and privatises the NHS…

Says 1 thing to me: Parasite.

The only thing preventing this country from running smoothly right now, is Boris.

Meanwhile, whilst over 20 % of school children are not receiving 2 meals a day and do not have a warm coat to wear, Boris Johnson knocks up a charity worker and pretends to be the next Patron Saint of… well… the Un- United… England (?)…

Yes, committing treason in all 3 definitions and senses of the word…

There was a time when Boris was still silly, but somewhat genuine when with a driven goal, when he was Mayor for example but now, with police fearing sparks of genocide as community cohesion is put to the test and tensions rise…

Sitting further in a seat of treason that further breaches the Good Friday Peace Agreement and thus International Law, I think it’s very safe to say, Boris, it’s time you fuck off.

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sexist, she would even beat up a woman and torture her, than arrest the Nigger who is the criminal and who she is meant to have a racial bias against.

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