If Corona Comes From China, And All KFC Chicken Comes from China, HOW Come KFC Are Still Aloud to Function (?)

I used to work for KFC, so I know, all their chicken is not actually chicken, it’s baby chicks and they all come from ‘bulk’ in China.

Despite having worked there, I never ate their food, I tried it twice in 2018 and ended up in hospital with blood poisoning within a few hours tbh.

Another neighbour, had a stroke.

As for the black woman downstairs who keeps eating it everyday, well she just talks like a horse on Ketamine tbh.

Other people are convinced they will not survive a day without KFC.

Having worked there and never even getting paid, I think KFC probably invented Corona and spread it in the first place, as their existence has reached the peak of controversiality and most people who are not complete retards or lower class scum know it’s best to stay away from that shit.

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