The Story of Anna Atthow the Stinkin NHS Socialist.

The clue is in the name tbh, Anna Atthow is what you call a stinkin Socialist, mainly because, she gets her intellectual property by sitting on a sofa and reading mainstream newspapers like the Guardian and trying to make out, she has the solution, with some antiquity.

She also stinks of wet dog and rotten eggs, following a cyst.

Claiming to be an ‘author’ at the age of 70, Anna gets her front page news, from a Type 1 Diabetic who keeps a blog, having worked in a dark room chopping up bodies her entire life, as an NHS surgeon she demonstrates, the general work ethic of the NHS.

Despite the fact that Anna Atthow worked as a surgeon for the NHS for 40 years, Anna Atthow still believes in Marx and Trotsky (!) I guess the NHS really are so desensitized, they cannot even tell when someone is dead.

I’m pretty sure he’s dead Anna.

“No take him to resus”

“Let it go Anna (!) You need to let go !”

Despite the fact that Anna is a stinkin Socialist, she never got fired and now operates a socialist revolutionary party called the WRP that wants to fuck up every business in the country, because she never actually wanted to be a surgeon apparently, her dad forced her.

Using the WRP to vent out her anger against her dad, which she exaggerates as political and system sexism, I mean, get over it, we all got to work darling and since when was forcing a girl to study medicine sexist (?) I find Anna Atthow incredibly entertaining and even risk, pretending to be her friend for a few months, as she stalks me.

Turns out, Anna Atthow is just like the rest, she believes she is entitled to a life of being a parasite, not having to work for the NHS, but for herself, as ‘an owner of her own means of production’, as a private doctor basically.

Already, this totally destabilises Anna Atthow’s false NHS persona, as it seems she herself, is the rich oppressor.

Anna is now Deputy Chair of the British Medical Association LOL.

Last I heard, Anna Atthow should probably be in prison, just for stalking me not to mention harassing me to the point I ended up getting diagnosed with chronic malnutrition and can’t even pick up a piece of paper without dropping it, at the present moment, 4 years after, first meeting Anna Atthow.

Guess that was the only somewhat relevant ‘socialist’ element about Anna Atthow, her ability to oppress and enforce a totalitarian regime upon marginalised and subjugated members of society.

She will fit in well at the BMA.

Fuck off forever stinkin pitiful Anna (!)

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