NHS Police: How to get your NHS Specialist Diabetes Nurse a job as a good for nothing whore (!)

How to get your NHS Specialist Diabetes Nurse a job as a good for nothing whore (!)

My Phd with the NHS: How to shift your healthcare team into prostitution & give them a taste of their own medicine (!) 

Biggest achievement last year (2018), other than getting that female hostel closed down and silenced after being raped in 2014 by Tyler Blasé Liburd Brown -a Map of 3 sex pest, still not charged by the police…

Hopefully, we can deal with this mother fucker ‘old school’ -Flat 53 b Derbyshire street, Bethnal Green, he likes little girls btw protect your daughters.

(I had enough evidence to get the whole fucking hostel closed down, so maybe it’s time we dealt with this man Tyler the Liar (it even rhymes) ’old school’ -it’s 53 b Derbyshire Street, Bethnal Green).

You know, how much I love Brown Bread, I’m a type 1 Diabetic ;).

This year 2018, I have successfully shifted my Diabetes Nurse Ellie baker into Prostitution.

Ellie Baker was one of those nurses, with a massive ego, who uses other sick females, to boost her ego.

She also as a nurse falsely used her power, and women’s health, which deteriorated rapidly in her care, to boost her sick mental health and her ego, which never seemed to work out for her, she would become more irritable and abusive to patients instead, I saw many females in her care, bent double, literally crawling into their appointments, utterly destroyed by her. 

After being a complete whore/bitch, she had to leave her job at Whittington as a specialist nurse and now works at Royal Free checking mens dicks for a living (Urology) hahaha you complete whore (!) 

The Asian doctor with massive ego problems: she sticks her finger in the air then presses her finger on her nose, like that kid in primary school who has just heard the answer (!) and has decided to shout it out to everyone as if they knew the answer (!) This is just hilarious because there is no universal insulin regime, not even for any one patient, doses change from one minute to the next.

She just made herself look very stupid (again).

She storms out of the ward (again) and threatens to call security on me, for her not being able to decide and administer the correct insulin doses and putting my own life at risk, for which she can be suspended from practising as a doctor.

Zaina China is her name apparently, obviously a fake name, so why is she giving a fake name when she is a doctor (?) GUILTY bitch.

‘You are not aloud to see a specialist Diabetes doctor until you have reached your ideal weight’ Ellie Baker, a diabetes Specialist nurse tells me.

‘Ok, well then you’re going to have to help me then…’ I responded, I am struggling to keep my weight (Addison’s disease).

‘Can I eat cake ?’ I asked

‘Of course you can’ Ellie replied.

After 2 years of eating approximately 3-6 boxes of Greggs doughnuts every 2 days, 2 bin liners of sandwiches and baguettes two times a week, croissants, Mc Donald’s milkshakes, biscuits and ice-cream, I managed to…

Loose about another 5 kilos.

And collapse in A and E whilst vomiting black vomit.

I don’t know what to do anymore, I am eating until I feel sick, but I am loosing weight.

I wake up to find a doctor sticking a stick in my mouth, and asking me to respond. I can see blurred faces, but I don’t really have the energy to open my eye lids. Opening them is enough energy to make me fall back to sleep again.

’She’s ok !’ I hear him say.

‘It was so sad, watching how sick you were’ a doctor tells me. I don’t remember, I was unconscious.

‘You have a chest infection’ they said, -is that why I am so sick, I can’t move, my body feels like it is being stabbed, I have episodes of cold sweats that make it feel like there are razor blades in my blood and I scream, and my sick is black ? 

Turns out they were wrong, it’s Addison’s disease.

Addison’s disease comes through the lung infection TB.

I kept saying this to Ellie Baker from the start (2016), but she refused to listen, or take me seriously. 

As a matter of fact, she bullied me. She refused for 2 years (1 years and 9 months to be precise) to allow me to see a specialist Diabetes doctor until I reached my ideal weight.

When I returned home from hospital, I bought 2 tanks of water, 16 pots of yoghurt and dried fruit and nuts and nearly fell over trying to carry them and fell asleep in my arm chair, for about 3 months. 

During this time, Yatta Sheriff, a key worker, witnessed that I was sick, ‘your health is getting worse she said’ you should be getting more money from social security’ she said.

Despite the fact that Yatta witnessed (with evidence) that my health was getting worse, she refused to buy me a bottle of water from the shop and refused to call a doctor, instead she

  1. Said I was ‘mentally incapable’ (with evidence to prove this at my health assessment in Vauxhall) which is basically verbal, emotionally, psychological and financial bullying, as then social security, despite the fact that I have been diagnosed with 2, potentially 3 auto-immune dysfunctions, decided to stop paying my personal independent Payment based on these ‘change of circumstance’ (becoming MORE sick).

Thanks Yatta ! (If you don’t work for the NHS (as you say in your defence) then how come you came to my health assessment with me (?) and how could you decided whether or not I am ‘mentally incapable or capable’ and how can you judge if I am entitled to it in the first place ?

Anyhow, it was during this time, when I was pretty much in a coma through Addison’s disease at the time, that Yatta knocked on my door one day and told me I had to run to the council immediately and pay 200 quid council tax, or I would go to prison, even though I am not meant to pay council tax.

I receive 200 pounds every two weeks to live off, and so, after paying that 200 quid, I had NO money for 2 whole weeks, no electricity, no hot water, no shower, no food and no water, whilst sick and in a coma, finally I  collapsed, and was diagnosed with Addison’s disease.

Ellie Baker has now been ‘moved’ from Whittington Hospital, and had to change from being a Specialist Diabetes Nurse to doing Urology at the Royal Free (haha bitch, you complete whore, now you have to look at men’s dicks for a living !)

Yatta, is still working as a key worker, but her colleagues are fed up with her letting clients down and she altogether is just a shit worker, I think she is just that stupid, that it actually looks like she is an abuser, but actually she’s just fucking lazy and thick.

‘No fufu’ she shouts down the phone at her husband.

‘No bread’ she shouts down the phone at her husband, ‘I want to loose weight’.

‘Just stop eating’ I think to myself, you fat bitch, ’Some of us can’t afford to eat’.

Some of us, even have health conditions, where you can’t eat, or you’re not allowed to eat. 

She reaks of moth balls, and wears frumpy clothes which make her look like she got dressed in the dark -kind of reminds me of the un-educated society of women my granny came from, who waft the air with musical instruments and their hands to get rid of evil spirits and plant moth balls everywhere in fear of the impending locust apocalypse, whilst collecting Jesus relics.

That was the end of my experience with Yatta Sheriff, she verbally abused me, emotionally abused me, psychologically abused me and financially abused me, (accusing me of being ‘mentally incapable’ when I was in a coma and on phentonille stronger than morphine) to deny me the reality of my experiences and deny me my full benefit entitlement, the freedom pass I should have received and other support I should have been entitled to.

Anyhow, maybe it was a blessing in disguise, at least I don’t have to go to the community centre (Bridge Renewal Trust) and do all their (Desrie Haly’s) washing up for free, and get verbally, emotionally, psychologically and financially abused by the staff there, who say (Desrie Haly) all Diabetics will have their beautiful legs chopped off hahaha how funny (?) and write articles for Astehmari Batekhun for free which he then says he wrote himself, as an excuse they use to rehabilitate sick people into employment.

Actually the guy can’t even write in correct English grammar, so he was using my good nature to boost his career prospects, but that was kind of difficult because no matter how much I try to edit a piece of blank text, I do not know many intelligent people who will believe you have a school (with no pupils) that receives STEM funding on the basis that he will: ‘fly a rocket out of the community centre’ whilst teaching children the bongo drums.

After mentioning the word ‘OFSTED’ as a trick, Astehmari Batekhun sent me an email, saying I was banned from his office ! Haha.

I loved this work experience, it was great, I met the most fucked up people who you will probably ever meet who live in this borough and me and the kids, know exactly where they live (!) -right next door to St. Ann’s mental hospital (!) 

They don’t have far to move.

They still have not paid me the time credits they falsely promised, and are/have been abusive when I speak to them because they are scared they will loose their government funding. 

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