Is Meghan Markle Missing a Chromosome (?)

‘…Meghan Markle continues to make a laughing stock of herself and the British Monarchy, on a daily basis…’

‘…I guess you could say, we’re all just sick of her, and this is the first thing I’ve ever had to write about her…’

Will she last a day longer than Fergie (?)

Looks like she just got WHAMMED by her own investors (!)

Other than marrying a man, who everyone knows (except Meghan) is not actual royal family, highlights that race and racism really still does, have a long way to go in this country (further demonstrated by Meghan Markle and Harry fucking off and refusing to support any BAME here cos their fight against racism is so much more hardcore apparently that they need His Royal Highness and the future King of England and Wales Prince Charles to deport them and buy them a house in Canada to survive) and Meghan Markle continues to make a laughing stock of herself and the British Monarchy, on a daily basis.

Typical attention seeker who makes up lies to make herself relevant, cos she is, that boring.

Even though she is not black, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are so stupid, they have convinced themselves that Meghan’s ancestors and something called ‘racism’ now a new word for Harry are to blame for everyone not liking Meghan Markle as much as she wanted us to like her, when in fact, the reason is because we gave her a chance and she ruined it by being a dumb bitch basically.

Meghan Markle could have at least been a bit humble about Harry, we papers don’t want to have to embarrass Her Majesty The Queen every single day by giving her illegitimate ginger haired bastard adopted grandson and Meghan Markle front page publicity, but unfortunately Meghan still does not realise, it’s not all about her.

I guess the queen was still, according to British standards, very generous to let Meghan Markle take the runt of litter, so to speak, considering Meghan Markle doesn’t even know who Harry’s parents are, or maybe that was the reason and an explanation for the rush of a marriage and pregnancy in the first place LOL (?)

Quick, put them in an E Type jag, make it look ‘modern’. Hopefully Meghan won’t notice Harry is not a Prince the morning after (?)

Meghan also likes to make a complete laughing stock of herself on Muslim news channels by making the same demands as a princess, when everyone knows Dodi, just to mention one but a few, of Diana’s lovers and that Harry is not an actual prince, his dad is a crack head who lives with his mum in sussex funnily enough, ex military.

Ex Navy, to be precise.

Meghan Markle married an actual frog.

Meghan Markle appears to be suffering from a very severe case of Borderline Personality Disorder, confused about her identity, thinking she is a princess, when everyone knows she’s not.

Harry isn’t even a prince.

She tried to have a baby with a weird shaped head, in order to consolidate her sense of belonging, but journalists have attacked these photos as they notice Archie looks like, he has Down’s Syndrome, so I guess, Meghan did consolidate her identity after all and we have a happy ending.

Unable to loose the baby weight, despite thinking that she is a princess, just proves how she is dumb and lacks the mental calibre it takes to be less greedy and be a proper princess.

It’s so funny it’s not funny.

Whilst British security and intelligence systems, live sleepless nights over this mysterious woman, I think it’s safe to say, she really isn’t up to anything (I mean, she can’t even plan her own pregnancy) and yes, looks like we conned her.

Yes, she was that easy.

I guess if you wanted to, you could say the Great British Empire conned ‘them’ again, like when they carved up Africa.

Just need to find a way to get rid of her now.

I don’t mean to be funny with you, but if Meghan Markle was really suffering from ‘racism’ then she wouldn’t get any publicity at all, especially not when she fucked off and is meant to be retired from royal duties which means she doesn’t work for us anymore and should not expect to see the press, ever again. Unless she pays them, herself.

Looks like she is just an attention seeker, who is looking for any excuse to be ‘relevant’.

I guess you could say, we’re all just sick of her, and this is the first thing I’ve ever had to write about her.

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