The DISGUSTING STATE of Tower Hamlets Council Temporary Accommodation, Sex Crimes & Police Corruption.

“If you give evidence against your ex boyfriend Ronnie Magdala, we promise we will put Tyler Brown in prison” Jenny the policewoman says.

‘…As for, Ronnie Magdala the ‘Gangster, Ronnie now spends his days dressed as a Hippy, listening to reggae music, in the park. I have no clue who did that to him…’

Jenny works for Sapphire, a police department that look exclusively into sex crimes.

But, as it turns out, in fact they seek to scapegoat and cover up sex crimes and protect the actual criminals.


(Unfortunately, in order to cover up and trivialise their sex crimes, (Trap Dens and Brothels,) Lookahead Housing and One Support Housing lied to the police and DWP and said I have ‘Mental Health’ problems am ‘crazy’ and ‘mad’, which are still not even words in the DSM Manual, and quote Yatta Sheriff from One Housing Group ‘mentally incapable’ which is still not true and the DI even said “wow, you are sane” but FORTUNATLEY, this means the police and NHS, have behaved in the most disgusting ways as a result have done some very stupid things and have given me an insight into racism, sexism, stigma, prejudice and discrimination against Mental Health, women, Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Groups, people with learning disabilities and genocide within the police, the NHS, the council, social and homeless housing services and some extra JUICY material.)

Turns out, Jenny, is just an ‘apprentice’.

When she takes notes on her clipboard, like the ones you used to get on a school trip, she draws little circles on the tops of her ‘i’ like a fifteen year old school girl would do.

This girl has too much time on her hands.

She is one of those girls who has a thin layer of fat all around her body, including her wrists, indicating she has not quite learnt to jog, or should I say jig, the 1800 Metres yet.

As I explain to Jenny the policewoman how to have sex with an African, her eyes glow bigger, she stares at me with her mouth open, and when I look up, she quickly closes her mouth and moves her head to the side.

Last I heard, the investigation was ‘ongoing’ because I thought rape was sex and a woman in the UK has finally learnt to make herself cum, without ‘the help of a man’ broadcast on the radio 200 years after this concept was published and made ‘common knowledge’ by western medicine that is, I can only say that probably explains, why so many British women get water and kidney infections and overwhelm the NHS 😬

I mean, they don’t even know where their pussy is, according to the BBC.

At the end of the day, I suppose it does sum up the general ‘work ethic’ of the police force, from top to bottom, literally.

The Police still put an ‘injunction’ on Ronnie Magdala, as instructed by my GP apparently who, wrote the medical report for a rape that happened 2 years before I met Ronnie Magdala in a different location, which means I finally get a good night’s sleep, don’t have to wash my bed linen every week, don’t have to do any wahing up, and can go to the Harvest for breakfast, lunch and dinner, pretty much, most days of the week.

Sometimes, on the weekend, I may even push the boat out and make myself, a tuna sandwich.

I guess what I did learn from this situation, to get the best results and have even ‘coined’ my own term, is to ‘try to put the needle, back where you got it from’.

As for, Ronnie Magdala the ‘Gangster, Ronnie now spends his days dressed as a Hippy, listening to reggae music, in the park. I have no clue who did that to him.

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