Bio Warfare (?) The Housing Crisis: The Disease is… inside your very own bed…

Is Covid-19 the contemporary version of the lung infection TB (?) Fostered by poor quality housing, damp, cold, wet, poor or no ventilation, SEVERE OVER CROWDING, general unsanitary conditions, debilitating poverty, shared beds and dirty second hand matresses (?) Due to Newham Council and various Agencies (London Online) corruption and neglect -they take the Landlord’s rent money and refuse to inform or legitimise any maintenance works or even inform the landlord… until it’s too late and tenants get wrongfully demonized (!)

George Orwell thought things were bad in Stepney Green and Bethnal Green about 100 years ago, in terms of ‘overcrowding’ in East End’s ‘slums’ at the time, now a family of (sometimes more than) 4 are put in the same sized property where you’d only have 2 people occupying that same surface area some 100 years ago, this is in a council maintained or legal contract, whilst often 7 occupy that surface area in Private Renting.

The DISGUSTING state of Newham Council maintained properties across London aka Brothels and Trap Dens.

Re: Tottenham, Flat 8, Grand Parade, Green Lanes, London, N4 1JX.

Dear Jaquie Austen, who works at Bridge House, 320 High Street Stratford E15 1EP,

I called Newham council 13 times on 6th March 2018 because I wanted an emergency transfer to another council and or accommodation after being stabbed whilst locking my door to my flat.

Newham council hung the phone up on me 13 times.

Karen Walsh said, she “no longer works for the council”, but if she doesn’t work for the council WHY did she answer the phone (?)

A year later, I sent Newham Council and my local MP and Jeremy Corbyn paperwork and scanned documents, trying to highlight the severity of my health condition and how it has worsened since the stabbing.

Guess who answered (?) KAREN WALSH (!)


I therefore find it INSULTING that Newham council said I had to temporarily move out of my property for my own ‘health and safety’ due to a leak when clearly, they don’t give a fuck if I’m dead or alive and actually, I have been complaining about the leak since I moved in 4 years ago, it was only because I called and emailed Marta at my local Haringey Council Environmental Control team, photos and evidence that they had to move me and Flat 4 for ‘our own healths and safety’ arseholes.

No, the temporary replacement flat with no central heating, flushing toilet, working shower and broken door that does not lock, is NOT good enough, especially not after having obtained TB in your previous property.

Everyone knows it’s the dirty mattresses that kill babies in Ghana.

I don’t think anyone told Newham council.


On 1st April 2016, I emailed Jovi and previously Joanne, with photos and complained about water, running down the walls, like rain, in my property.

It’s now 2020 and still, nothing has been done.

After less than a few days of sleeping in wet puddles on a torn second hand, dirty old mattress kindly left for me to sleep on, infested with lice and bugs, I was admitted to Whittington Hospital with a stomach infection, diagnosed with a mystery ‘chest infection’ in November 2017 and developed Addison’s disease by 1st June, 2017.

Addison’s disease, is caused by the lung infection TB, caused by poorly maintained living conditions and a lack of ventilation (another problem in the property) and thus a lack of clean air.

In January 2019, I was subsequently, diagnosed with arthritis.

Because I am a Type 1 Diabetic, which means I am insulin dependent, (not a drug addict as some unsavoury tennants who sell drugs have tried to make out) unfortunately, my body is not that strong and was unable to recover from the repeated fevers and infections, caused by your leak, damp, wet, the infected mattress and illegally rented property.

London Online reportedly switched off the water to my property for 1 year, despite the fact that this is against the law, my contract and despite the fact that Joanne said, she knew  the leak was coming from Flat 9, not my flat.

Of course, I paid a plumber myself, I was not living without running water for a year, but London Online reported that the flat had no running water WHILST I WAS STILL PAYING RENT (!) Quite heinous and disgusting.

Eventually, myself and flat 4 could no longer bare the puddles on the floor and I called Environmental Control.

Apparently, according to Mike, the landlord WAS NEVER INFORMED BY JOANNE.

Environmental Control told London Online and Newham council to get me OUT of the property asap for health and safety reasons and that they had to replace the entire wall.

Joanne told me, they would move me back into the property as soon as the leak was repaired, and I have NOT SIGNED A NEW CONTRACT.

Since leaving the property, the door and floor has been completely replaced, concealing the water damage that I have on camera.

London Online have now apparently replaced all the locks on the property and have told all the neighbours to not let me back in (with a housing inventory) because Chloe Thompson and Jamie Smyth in Flat 5, are lying and telling everyone that I am a drug addict and a criminal… even though it’s Chloe Thompson and Jamie Smyth Flat 5 who is a convicted sex offender (ref) and are now pimping out Tilly Ling from Flat 6, she’s already taking and selling class A drugs, and committing common assault and GBH and attempted murder, with medical reports to prove this, she is 18 years old.

Using Chloe Thompson and Jamie Smyth Flat 5, a tennant who happens to work for London Online to also steal my post and threatening to share my confidential info medical history and stealing my cancer tests with London Online and other tenants and trying to Black Mail when I tried to collect my NHS letters today, and stealing my court letters meaning I was liable for arrest on 16th March is also, perverting the courts of justice.

I don’t mean to be funny with you London Online, but do you really think that you can completely deny me the reality of my experiences (?) WHEN I WAS THE ONE WHO REPORTED AND SENT ALL THE PHOTOS AND EVIDENCE TO  ENVIRONMENTAL CONTROL WHO HAD TO TAKE VERY SWIFT ACTION (!)


Funnily enough, whilst Jackie Austen thinks she can laugh in my face, meanwhile, Tilly Ling Flat 8, Grand parade is having another party in the flat with about 8 men in her flat.

What this means is, seeing as Silly Tilly has more than 1 man in her flat, this is now technically a brothel and Jackie Austen can go to jail (!) And the landlord and london online can all lose their contract.

I guess if you wanted to, you could say that Tilly Ling is the nasty whore, who causes unnecessary trouble and unfortunately, lost the landlord, London Online their contract and got Newham council sued…

Especially seeing as she repeatedly beat my head on the skirting board, threw me down the stairs and then got a weapon to crack my head open, because Chloe Thompson and Jamie Smyth Flat 5 told Tilly I was a ‘junkie’ ‘drug addict’ and a ‘whore’, when in fact, the reason I quote Tilly “stick needles in my arms” is because I have Type 1 Diabetes and Addison’s disease and require insulin and steroids.

What is also very interesting, is that after visiting Stoke Newington police Station on Monday 23rd November 2020, none of the crimes that I reported have been correctly reported, with different dates and people that do not match the medical reports I have.

As a matter of fact, there are even reports that have been made that were never made by myself and are not true also, for example ‘ambulance and police attending my current address’, when no ambulance or police have ever attended this address, false locations, (for example Croydon wtf) I have never been to in my life.

Constable South said that is what I said, so it must be true, even though, she has NO evidence to prove it was me who reported this and I have never been to Croydon in my life, she also refused to report the rape and stabbing, but was more than happy to chat with me about all the different addresses I have and presently live at, which opens a whole new can of worms: the illegal sex trade and police corruption: Scapegoating and Racism in the police force to conceal a white male sex trade informed by the Police: PART 2.

Bimbo Bitch (?) Constable South then even took this a step further (!) And intentionally tried to insult me through the reception glass with another piece of clearly irrelevant info shouting “you said you were pregnant” infront of everyone in the waiting room when I never said this. I told her the day before, even if I was, I wouldn’t say that because I haven’t even had a test in 7 years so how can I say that unless the NHS did a test (?) And I also said to her that i found this 1. Irrelevant and 2. Insulting really, like a form of sexist abuse the police use to try to embarrass you and deny you the reality of your experiences.

Looks like Constable South can go back to her Trailer Park in Essex, for quote her very own words: “not making a report” “they have to be fired” she advised me.

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