Woman’s Politics Weekly: Boris Johnson the Jolly Good Fellow (?) or Jolly Full of Shit (?)…

“The only people guilty of genocide are the NHS” I reply…

The ‘Appropriate Adult’ goes “Wow (!)” And makes a small shriek.

‘…It’s at this moment, the policewoman stops the recording, books me a cab home and kicks me out of Wood Green Police station, saying that I can go back to North Middlesex University Hospital because I was never discharged…”

Woman’s Politics Weekly: Boris Johnson the Jolly Good Fellow (?) or Jolly Full of Shit (?)…

Reporting, Base Camp, London.

Thursday 19th November, 2020

“If Tilly Ling (Flat 6, 8 Grand Parade, Green Lanes, London, N4 1JX) cracks people’s heads open, I wonder what she does to Little Kittens (?)” I say to my neighbour.

“Shall we call the RSPCA ?”

“Tell them there’s a nasty bitch in Flat 6, needs to be put down (!)”

Whilst we all wait, for the police to not do their job, and decide, whether or not they want to charge a racist red neck chav from Essex (a Brexit Cult) Tilly for GBH or rather, abuse me for 7 years and try to convince me that the crime was never committed, like they did before, and the time before, and the time before and the time before… despite the fact that I have a medical report to prove it, and despite the fact that they had to close down the entire hostel when I sent Tower Hamlets council the evidence…

I guess what this highlights is, WHAT is actually going on right now ?

My mum always told me, lower class scum bags, behave the way they do, because this behaviour comes trickling from the top.

I guess what this means is, people like Tilly, the ‘Brexit’ Cult and poorly educated, careless, lower class scum, behave the way that they do, because, that is how our leader, Boris Johnson is behaving, right now.

Whilst Trump, has, to some extent, admitted defeat, meanwhile, convincing himself that he is the next president of the UK (?) even without a coalition of Labour votes, and not enough votes to do anything, except maintain a state of anarchy, Boris Johnson is now (trying) to convince the general population, through a reportedly ‘over ambitious’ green plan, that he is a saint, and will save not only the UK from this disaster, but the whole world (!) By forging deals with energy companies, that plan to get people to buy more cars, that they cannot afford to buy, by 2030.

Oh, and space ships too (!)

Meanwhile, Anna Atthow, deputy Chair of the British Medical Association, hisses and spits, at the ‘International Capitalists’ whilst clutching a Guardian Newspaper that says ‘business will fall’ shrieking with joy, at a socialist workers party meeting that she is the leader of.


Yes, she worked for the NHS for 40 years, as a surgeon at, guess where (?) North Middlesex University Hospital. 

The same hospital, where Dr Tom decided to start pumping me with 60Mg of steroids, daily, from December 2018.

Me and my boyfriend were wrestling and I slipped, basically. 

The same hospital, where Dr Kolvo decided to suddenly stop my steroids on 3rd December, 2019.

The same hospital, where I was beaten up whilst sleeping in my bed and kidnapped by the police, on 3rd December, 2019.

The same hospital that made me wait for 8 hours in A and E, after I had been stabbed.

She screams that the EU, the ‘International Capitalists’ are responsible, for all the poverty, pain and misery in the country right now.

Even though, we all know, it was Boris and his whole Brexit Vote Leave Campaign.

Even though she was the one screaming that the ‘fall of business’ was the answer to all her misery, bitterness and problems before.

The EU were responsible for the fall in business before Brexit she says, and now the EU are also responsible for the fall in business and quality of life afters, and again to blame for this poverty, pain and misery too (?)

This woman makes no sense.

She sounds like an anti-semitic racist whore tbh.

(2 days after I wrote this, on 21st September 2020, Anna Atthow decided to put on the front page of her cult Newsline ‘Immigrants Welcome’, still not keen on Europeans she gets her colleagues to ask where I live and try to persuade me to go inti care wtf erh well at least she does as she’s told I guess, bit of a fake socialist as a result though.

I guess she does highlight a very important and valuable point though, at the same time: hatred, racism, anti-semitism, violence, abuse and genocide within the NHS.

“Bullying is very common in the NHS” Anna Atthow, Deputy Chair of the British Medical Association remarks.

The woman still makes me feel sick.

Even the NHS are convinced, like some form of ‘Brexit’ Cult that taking Stalin like USSR Steroid medication, will make, not only the Olympics better, but the whole country better and cure you, of anything including shortness of breathe, making you dependant, dependent and loyal, to whichever nation or country that you live, within 3 weeks (!)

When is someone going to tell them to let go, get a grip and that 37% combined with the DUP is against the Good Friday Peace Agreement and still not, an electorate majority ?

Using this new ‘Corona’ Medical exemption certificate, to avoid any meetings, and throwing money at anyone who complains, Boris Johnson, and the entire Conservative party, all wonder, for how long, they can amuse the idle.

And for how long, he can pretend to be the Prime Minister of the UK, when actually, neither party has enough votes, we require a coalition and we thus require a president right now.

Shot Gun.

Somehow, I don’t know HOW, we are going to manage to bring a dumb, stupid, nasty society, out of this.

I call David Lammy and ask him for help.

Time to call NATO David Lammy I say.

Trying to speak, to tell the people, to see what is really going on, I repeatedly get arrested and beaten up by the police, even in public, with people cheering and laughing.

“You’re just using your Addison’s disease as an excuse” the police man says, after he and a policewoman, beat me up and throw me in a wheelchair, before kidnapping me on 3rd December 2019 and questioning me about fears of ‘genocide’ at Wood Green Police Station whilst I had been sleeping in my bed on ward T5.

“The only people guilty of genocide are the NHS” reply.

The ‘Appropriate Adult’ goes “Wow (!)” And makes a small shriek.

It’s at this moment, the policewoman stops the recording, books me a cab home and kicks me out of Wood Green Police station, saying that I can go back to North Middlesex University Hospital because I was never discharged.

Still, technically, haven’t been discharged from Dr Kolvo’s death trap on ward T5.

“Yes she is a PIG” the female police woman questioning me replies, in response to the policewoman who tried to suffocate me.

It’s about 3am, I go home and fall on my bed I am not sure how long I was lying there, a few days, perhaps (?)

To be totally fair with you, I had a much better and even pleasant time with the police, compared to North Middlesex University Hospital.

I even got 3 meals, multiple cups of tea, a warm blanket, fresh tracksuit and pilmsoles.

North Middlesex Univesity Hospital does not even provide meals anymore, the sandwiches that previously went on the service trolley in A and E are now, your Sunday dinner, if there is one left over by the staff who eat them as ‘snacks’ that is.

I actually had to leave the hospital, and ask a man in the street for help at 2am, because I had a hypo, but there was no food and staff refused to do anything, shrugging their shoulders and refusing you accecss to the kitchen (whilst eating pizza themselves).

Water ? Well the police had to beg the NHS and they finally agreed to rub some water on my lips and give me fluids cos this did not seem to come naturally to them.

Blankets (?) Well, the NHS still does not have blankets in my opinion, much warmer to use a tea towel tbh.

Slightly worrying (?)

A man, comes to my door, pushes it open, looks me in the eyes, then walks away.

The next day, he is standing in the corridoor my neighbour quickly opens his door “Hey Jenny (!) You’re moving better today (!)” He says, trying to smile.

I was just about, 41 kilos.

They had to send me home with crutches.

Confusing times right now, I don’t know why the police don’t just ask nicely, for information.

I guess this SHOULD highlight, how bad things ALREADY are and NOT how bad things NEED to get.

BEFORE we start acting like RESPONSIBLE adults.

We still do not have enough votes in this country to lead Brexit, or even lead this country anymore, irrespective of who leads it.

The Jews are usually a pretty good ‘yardstick’ to measure the social democracy of a country by the extent of racial prejudice.

What this means is, when people start to become anti-semitic, usually this means that our ‘social democracy’ is so facist, it is now racist, not only against blacks and asians, but now also people of no colour too.

Photo From, Pinterest, Black History Album, The British Library, The Way We Were, Femme Fatale, The Black Victorians, 1890’s.

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Photo From, Pinterest, Black History Album, The British Library, The Way We Were, Femme Fatale, The Black Victorians, 1890’s. ‘…The…

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