October: ‘Fruitful & Fancy’

❤ Jenny’s Apple, Ginger & Banana Crumble (!) ❤

I threw my diced cooking apples onto a thin layer of Stem Ginger Jam, to get the warming taste that I wanted in my autumn crumble (!)

This also means that I could use the minimal amount of sugar possible for this recipe, using jam to add some natural sweetness to my dessert, instead of sugar.

I actually only used 4 Tablespoons of sugar (that’s about 40g) in my ‘Crumble Fruit Preparation’ mixture compared to the standard 100-140g, because I used bananas and 4 Tablespoons of Stem Ginger Jam instead, to make things more than sweet enough.

I then used 4 Tablespoons of Demerara Brown Sugar for my Crumble Topping mixture, so I only used about 80g of sugar in total, compared to what would be a minimum of 140g if I were just to use sugar without jam and banana.

‘Crumbles’ are great, because you can use practically any fruit(s) to make some form of variation of the traditional British ‘Crumble’ and it’s meant to look, a mess.

It is also comparatively healthy when you think about it, baked fresh fruits, a little butter, flour and a sprinkling of sugar.

I used 2 diced cooking apples, Stem Ginger Jam and Banana in mine (!)

While you can have many variations of fruit crumble, the Crumble Topping however, is a pretty standard recipe similar to making pastry but without the stress, mess and fuss of having to chill it, roll it out etc etc.

Just rub the Butter into the Self Raising Flour and Sugar until all the butter has disappeared and you should be left with a brown clumpy mixture that looks like ‘Crumble’ funnily enough.

You can vary the amount of sugar you would like to use, depending on what ingredients you are using and how sweet you want it.


Crumble Fruit Preparation:

675g Prepared Fruit,

100-140g Sugar,

4 Tbsp Water.

Once you have put your prepared fruit, water, sugar mixture into a baking tray, sprinkle the Crumble Topping mixture evenly on top and bake in the oven for 30 minutes.

Crumbles are also handy, because you can leave them on the bottom of the oven on a slow heat whilst cooking other things as well.

Crumble Topping:

175g Self Raising Flour,

100g Butter,

40-85g Demerara Brown Sugar.

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