September: ‘Sacred Simplicity’

❤ Jenny’s Super Simple Smoked Salmon, Pasta & Cream ❤

It’s a dream…

Ready in literally, as long as it takes to cook pasta, 20 minutes (!)

Hardly any prep, hardly any washing up.

I even use a pair of scissors to prepare this meal (!) You don’t even need a knife.

I love this meal, because it looks and feels like I have spent a lot of time on a meal, when I haven’t.

Its filling and fulfilling.

It also has the right sort of balance of carbs with protein and the fresh flat leaf parsley actually, looks like greens (!)


400g Pasta,

400g Smoked Salmon, sliced,

1 Pot Single Cream, heated,

Black Pepper,


Fresh Flat Leaf Parsley.

Just boil the pasta for approximately 20 minutes and allow to drain, throw in the smoked salmon, sliced, add the hot single cream and stir.

I like to add lots of freshly ground black pepper, salt and fresh flat leaf parsley to mine.

Total Cost: (I paid, £4 for the Smoked Salmon at Morrisons, 75p for the Flat Leaf Parsley and £1 for the Single Cream, so altogether that was 5.75 for 4 servings = approximately £1.40 per person).

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