September: ‘Sacred Simplicity’..

❤ ‘Period Pies’ (!) ❤

❤ Chocolate Coated Blackberry & Edible Glitter ‘Period Pies’ ❤

*Blackberries are ‘in season’ in this country from June until November and tend to grow in hedgerows and forests.

*Blackberries are a fantastic source of *Vitamin K; *Vitamin K is a group of vitamins that help your blood to clot and for wounds to heal, *Blackberries can therefore, along with anti-inflammatory properties, reduce the symptoms of PMS in some women.

Full of *anthocyanins; *anthocyanins possess powerful properties that can help to reduce the risks of diabetes, cancer, inflammatory diseases and heart disease, with potassium, *magnesium, calcium, Vitamins, A, C, E and most of your B vitamins, *Blackberries are generally considered to be a ‘super food’.

*Blackberries have also proven to potentially enhance motor and cognitive functioning of the brain due to their high polyphenol (micronutrient) content and their high *magnesium content can help to reduce some of the risks of epilepsy.

I used my Chocolate Coated *Blackberries, to make a series of Chocolate Coated Blackberry & Edible Glitter ‘Period Pies’, to half boost my ego and secondly ease the pains.

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