September: ‘Sacred Simplicity’

❤ Jenny’s Extra Special Chinese Tuna, Potato & *Beansprout Salad… ❤

Pure and simple… How Chinese food should be…

When I was little, my mum had a Chinese friend named ‘Chin Chin’.

I don’t remember much about Chin Chin, but I do remember one thing she taught me, which has stuck with me since I was a child: how to use the simplest, cheapest yet most nutritious and widely available ingredients to prepare, an easy yet fun meal.

In a matter of 15 minutes.

I love this salad because the delicate and sweet Beansprouts add a great ‘crunch’ to my salad (!)

Beansprouts are also a fantastic source of Protein, Fibre and *Folic Acid; *Folic Acid the man made version of the Vitamin Folate or Vitamin B9, is a vital vitamin for some women, it can ease the symptoms of PMS, as it helps the body to produce healthy red blood cells.

I also love this salad, because it is so quick, simple and easy to throw together, yet highly nutritious and can be eaten hot or cold.

Between you and me (Ladies), the Potatoes and Tuna are a fantastic source of *Vitamin B-6, another vital vitamin for some ladies, which can help to ease PMS.

It only uses 4 main ingredients, layer your ingredients in a salad bowl, according to their appearance below:

4-5 small-medium sized peeled and boiled Potatoes (roughly 2/3 Potatoes for 1/3 Tuna), chopped into 1/8th,

1 can of Tuna,

1 raw Onion, finely chopped,

Beansprouts (enough to garnish).

To season: Salt, Pepper, Vinegar and Lemon Juice.

Chin Chin (!)

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