The Embarrassing & PITIFUL STATE of the NHS…

The Embarrassing & PITIFUL STATE of the NHS…

1). The NHS is the WORST HEALTHCARE SYSTEM in ALL of Europe, (after Greece).

2). Poor education and poor state of NHS being used to dumb down and silence the Windrush Generation.

3). ‘Mental Health’ is now the ‘way forwards’ for the NHS and social security system, because the NHS staff are unable to identify the ACTUAL health condition, disease or infection underlying the patients complaints and worsening mental health as a result of poor health.

4). BAME and Windrush Generation adversely affected, could this be the true extent and disgusting revelation of racism in this country (?)

5). The ‘shakes’ have PROVEN, to ACTUALLY CAUSE Type 2 Diabetes (within less than 3 months in BAME), because they have so much sugar in them…

Please avoid Costa Coffee and Starbucks, at all costs (!)

I still feel sick.

Or maybe it is that infection the NHS still haven’t treated.

Diabetes is a very common condition, about 50% of the population actually have it (!)

So WHY does the UK have the worst Diabetes control in the whole of Europe (after Greece).

Greece have an excuse, they do not have an NHS and they also had a far more severe financial crash, as we all know.

Britain however, has an NHS.

I guess what these statistics highlight is, that our NHS is so shit, they cannot even manage or control the most common and basic of our Nation’s health needs, which happens to be at this time, Diabetes.

Looking at Diabetes statistics is therefore, a very good measure of the general state of a country’s healthcare system. 

I have never in my life, met Diabetics, who have had Diabetes for less than 20 years, yet have toes chopped off.

Only in the UK.

Most of these people are on benefits, so they are, technically, ‘poor’ financially.

But this is still not an excuse to legitimise their poor health, because this means, they are definitely not using private healthcare, but are having REGULAR APPOINTMENTS with their NHS doctor, otherwise, they wouldn’t even get paid these benefits in the first place.

Basically, ‘using the ‘poverty’ excuse to legitimise a Nation’s poor health, is still NOT VALID and it just FURTHER proves that the NHS is the WORST healthcare system in the whole of Europe (after Greece) BECAUSE anyone on benefits, needs to see their doctor, about every 2 weeks to get their social security in the first place.

So, if you have Diabetes, you can expect, to die prematurely basically, or at the very least, have a highly reduced quality of life in the UK.

Even, using the NHS, can worsen your Diabetes health (!)

It’s best to stay at home, and protect, not only the NHS from sheer embarrassment, but yourself as well.

Those are my bail conditions anyhow.

I am aware of this, but I am a BAME Officer, it is my job to represent my people and so this is what I did.

Within less than 1 year, I was diagnosed with another autoimmune disease, because the NHS, refused to accept I was sick, ‘you’re just crazy’ the doctors laughed at me, as I vomited black vomit all over the floor.

“We’re going to call the Psych team on you” the doctors in the NHS said. 

Mental health is now being used as an excuse, to cover up Doctor’s complete incompetence when it comes to Diabetes.

Many Doctors are trying to say that Tyope 1 Diabetes is a mental health condition now.

Because they do not even know, how to treat Diabetes.

In fact, it has got so bad now, staff do not know how to treat type 1 Diabetes so they have to call the police and make up false allegations, everytime a patient needs medication.

Complete NHS incompetence.

“Most of our work is spent rescuing people off the tops of blocks of flats” one police woman explains to me.

The NHS is so inept, the police cannot cope anymore.

Even the police are shocked.

They are shocked, that they have to escort me to the hospital, just to ensure, after 8 days, that the staff give me fluids, after a few hours before, the NHS staff said I was ‘fit to leave’.

Without fluids in an IV, my body cannot cope, it will not make it.

The NHS send me home, with crutches, limping and say I am fine. 

If I am fine, how come you are sending me home with crutches (?)

The police are shocked.

They still do not know what is wrong.

Everytime, the NHS make up false allegations, the POLICE staff have to, send me to UCL, to do, exactly as I asked them to do at the very beginning, give me fluids, Hydrocortisone and morphine.

It is only staff with an education at UCL who are able to do this.

Not only is the NHS so poorly educated that they commit MALPRACTICE, through sheer incompetence, but they also use their stupidity to bully patients they don’t believe are sick (because they don’t know what it means to be sick).

After screaming on the floor with DKA, staff have threatened to call Psych teams on me, have tried to say that I am crazy and have called the police on me saying that I am ‘over exaggerating’ and made up false allegations against me, to cover up their malpractice it has been proven. 

The police, who are fed up, and (again) have to take me to another hospital to get the medication I need, because some doctors and hospitals, are so poorly educated, no matter what you do, no matter what paper work you have, because you are not a doctor yourself, they use this as an excuse to completely deny you the reality of your experiences and tell you that you are ‘over reacting’

Maybe this is WHY, the NHS keep making false allegations against me and getting me arrested, everytime I publish an article, about the NHS.

Last year, I had my bags stolen by the NHS, who searched through my bags, stole my phone and decided to use my nail file and bottle opener as ‘evidence’ to suggest ‘ATTEMPTED GBH’ .

I guess this just highlights HOW PATHETIC our NHS is.

When questioned for investigation, the only thing the police wanted to know was, WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THE NHS (?)

I replied: “I think the NHS are highly incompetent and inept”, for which I was put on bail LOL.

The NHS are still incompetent, and inept, and now, as we all stand outside, because we don’t want to get arrested for having a physical health condition that requires regular medication in this country, we realise, this is how we legalise cannabis.

The NHS is so shit, we are going to have to legalise cannabis.

It’s also better than waiting 8 hours-2 days for some morphine, which the NHS use to tease and bully BAME sickle cell patients to make them go to another hospital and loose faith in the NHS and have to go private instead, even though they are sick, not working and on benefits. 

BUPA Healthcare also do not accept Sickle Cells.

Meanwhile, entire wards are being utilised, to ‘care for’ more like use the NHS as a hotel, for OAP’s, with minor conditions, like, a water infection.

This is fucking hilarious because everything is FINE when all the nurses are munching pizza deliveries on the ward.

When an old lady starts screaming because the infection has got so bad she has gone delusional and delirious however, and the staff have not given her any medication for 2 days, the NHS staff all call security and the Psych Team.

‘Mental health is the way forwards’ the Queen says.

Well, when the physical health of our population has got so bad, and the NHS are so incompetent and inept, then yes, the people do go crazy.

The staff are so incompetent and inept, they cannot even treat a water infection, the nurses think it is schizophrenia.

I meet Irish women, completely disabled through untreated infection and disease, that could have been avoided in the first place, had the NHS given them the correct treatment.

The NHS even refuses them adequate supplies of pain relief afterwards (!) and if you ask for pain relief, the NHS bully you and treat you like a drug addict.

“Even if the medication is not for yourself (!)” one female policewoman says to me. 

“They treat you like you’re a drug addict”.

The patients, end up drinking and turning into alcoholics and drug addicts as a result of this NHS staff bullying.

Sickle cell patients in particular, are easily trapped in this enigma.

They also happen to be, ALL BAME.

Strange isn’t it.

“…You go in with a broken leg and they take your kids off you…” a black man says to me outside A and E, 02/12/2019.

It’s NOT what you did, it’s what you didn’t do.

So poorly educated, we all, wonder for how long they can use ‘money’ as an excuse, when really we know, it just takes a little time, to educate someone.  

Education is also free in this country, so again, you cannot really use money as an excuse.

More like, breeding stupidity.

You can use education as an excuse however, not to legitimise the patient’s poor health though, as they are not qualified doctors, but you can use poor eduction to legitimise the NHS staff’s complete incompetence…

After all, they are meant to be  doctors right (?)

So how long can we fake this Corona Virus for (?)

I guess this just highlights the general poor eduction of this country.

I only moved back to the UK cos you can actually get a 2:1 degree with less than 50%.

A miracle, I could be a doctor too (!)

I guess this is ideal, because it means, the people in this country are so stupid we were able to have a revolution in this country.

We were also able, to cover up the fact that, the Windrush Generation, was just a pitiful apology for 100’s of years worth of British colonialism and slavery. 

Also used now, to divide us from our American brothers. 

As if we repaid the African continent, by inviting our slave brothers to come over and be slaves again (?) a second time round (?) 

Now they run our institutions, whilst snorting coke, and using race, as an excuse, to take patients to court and get away with murder.  

Some say it is ‘Black Power’.

The NHS is being used to dumb down; oppress and deny the Windrush Generation the reality of their experiences.

Also being used to deny BAME as a whole, the reality of their experiences.

A pitiful apology for 100’s of years of colonialism and working class slavery (not only BAME).

A week attempt to divide and disenfranchise British BAME from our American brothers and internationals as a whole (?)

Tuesday 1st September:

Daily Mail PROVE that NHS is definitely the worst healthcare system in ALL of Europe (after Greece), within a few hours (!)

NHS. a bit nervous (?)

Daily Mail PROVE, that we have the WORST PRESS in ALL of Europe who make up lies about the NHS and government.

So the Daily Mail, Matt Hancock and the NHS ALL managed to have a meeting overnight and plan a super shake diet, without any qualified endocrinologists present (?)

The ‘shakes’ have PROVEN, to ACTUALLY, CAUSE Type 2 Diabetes (within less than 3 months in BAME), because they have so much sugar in them.

BAME adversely affected, because their bodies are typically, not used to having so much sugar.

I guess, we all need to stay relevant sometimes.

LOAD of bollocks.

Keep Following me Daily Mail (!)

(My publishing Company is better than yours !)

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