Woman’s Politics Weekly: Dettol Don Trump versus Mrs America: When are Women’s Interests Interesting (?)

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‘…BBC2’s launch of the series Mrs America gives us a glimpse into an even more topical figure in the age of casual lying: The Female…’

“….Men don’t like intelligent women, as soon as they see you have a brain, they leave you…” -Female artist, London.

“…I didn’t go to university, to argue with men…”

Saturday 25th July, 2020

Base Camp, Tottenham, London

Since when did Brexit turn into Cover -19 (?)

Brexit is kind of like that Twix advert.

Do you want your Brexit, ‘smothered’ in chocolate (?)

Or do you want your Brexit, ‘covered’ in chocolate (?)

It’s political, not medical.

If it was medical they would have started the swab tests, more than several months ago.

It’s kind of a no brainer, you vote for a great dictator.

And now you are wondering why there is rationing and inflation.

This photo, was taken, several years ago shortly after ‘Brexit’.

BBC2’s launch of the series Mrs America gives us a glimpse into an even more topical figure in the age of casual lying: The Female.

With a friendly word for everyone, she even manages to squeeze in some praise for a BAME presidential candidate, who as a woman, is even ridiculed by blacks.

I guess what this highlights, is how the world is still more sexist, than it is racist. 

Hardly surprising that the Reverend Theresa May, is also the woman they send out to explain away Boris Johnson’s gaffes (“taken out of context”) even when he’s mudding the message over compulsory face masks for Andrew Marr.

“It’s best to trust people’s common sense”, says mixed messages Mike.

“Stay at home policy is best.”

It’s almost like the second wave of feminism, stay at home, don’t riot.

Husbands locked their wives in cupboards, airing cupboards and toilets.

They locked them in the house.

You want to stay at home and stop attracting attention to yourself.

Stop highlighting that everything is not alright, and that you don’t really want to, cook, let alone, eat, dinner tonight. 

Whilst we all sit at home like lapdogs…

Under House Arrest.

The WHO bemoans its absence.

So when did ‘Brexit’ turn into Covid -19 (?)

When they realised, ‘Brexit’ sanctioning reached the point, they could no longer import medicines for the NHS.

For 1 year I have been struggling to obtain fortified tablets, following an infection in 2017, which means I need fortified medicines to lead some quality of life.

When it turned out that America had been sanctioned by Britain and the EU, this legitimises a lot of anti-America and anti-Capitalist waves, like dominoes, following Brexit, it turned into ‘Cover-up -19’ or what we know as ‘Covid -19’.

Oh, lets’ use the ‘medical exemption certificate’.

That’s the only thing that can exempt you from the courts of justice. 

Unable to trade with Britain and the EU following Brexit, (America is only interested in Britain in so far as Britain is a member of the EU and vice versa) as not being a part of the EU means that it is against America (the World Trade Organisation) for Britain or the EU to have any 5G communications, this means that America has been sanctioned.

Sanctioned by Britain (?) and as a result, the EU also, is just CLASS.

I guess, you can call it, a revolution.

Almost a world revolution (?)

The only person left for America to sanction, are America themselves (?)



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