Jenny’s Home Organising Washing Line Lights Initiative (!)

There is such thing as a comfortable mess (!)

Too many sticky notes (?)

You can never have too many sticky notes…

These battery operated fairy lights, are a genius way to organise your home, into some form of comfortable mess (!)

I use mini pegs, to organised my post-it’s, onto my fairy light washing line, in order of importance.

I use them to seperate and organise 1). lists of shopping, and things I have to do, from 2). my social life, friends, phone numbers and birthday’s etc. and 3). my work.

They really help to prioritise things and get things done and to stay organised.

It is also a little more special than having an iPhone Birthday update, I choose pink ‘post-it’s’ for Friend’s Birthdays etc and each of the ‘post-it’s’ has it’s own little ‘light’.

It also reminds me, of some people who are no longer with us, the fragility of life, how I should make the most of each and every day and everything in it, and that I should focus on what I have, not what I do not have.

Photo on 25-07-2020 at 08.08.jpg


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