June, 2020

Nature News, Reporting, St Ann’s, London.

June, 2020.

x- June -x

‘In the old Latin calendar June was the fourth month. Ovid states that this month received its’ name in honour of Juno, other writers connect the term with the consulate of Julius Brutus. Probably however it has as agricultural reference, and originally debated the month in which crops grow to ripeness. The Anglo-Saxons called it ‘the dry month,’ also ‘midsummer month’ and in contradistinction to July, ‘the earlier mild month.’ The summer solstice occurs in June.’

From, Edith Holden, 1906

Saint’s Days etc.

June 11. Saint Barnabas,

June 24. Midsummer Day (Nativity of St. John the Baptist),

June 29. Saint Peter.

June Mottoes:

‘Mist in May and heat in June,

Bring all things into tune.’

‘A dripping June keeps all in tune.’

‘June damp and warm,

Does the former no harm.’

‘Barnaby bright (June 11)

All day and no night.”

‘St. Barnabas, mow your first grass.’

Hollyhock, St Ann’s, London, June, 2020


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