Jenny’s DIY ‘Home Organising’ Tips

WHAT you need:

1). 1 Black pen,

2). Gold/Silver pens,

3). White tape,

4). Scissors,

5). 3 Tin with Bamboo Lid kitchen storage containers, (available Pink and Grey £1 each at Poundland).


Using the White tape as ‘Labels’, use the Black pen to write onto the White tape, chosen Labels for each of your kitchen storage containers.

I use mine for things like, tea, coffee, sugar, spices and nuts :o).

It helps to 1). keep stock of things, 2). not to be wasteful,

and 3). to AVOID CROSS-CONTAMINATION by avoiding having supermarket packaging in cupboards and using seperate cleaned and maintained containers instead.


Once the black pen ink has dried, write over each of your Labels with Gold or Silver Pens.

I find the Black and Gold pen goes very well together, and creates a sort of natural yet alerting contrast, peak for early morning storage kitchen containers for my tea and coffee :o).


Cut the Labels to their appropriate length, leave to dry, before sticking onto your storage containers.

I find these sticky White tape ‘Labels’ ideal, as they can be conveniently and cheaply removed and replaced to the storage containers, according to WHAT you have and NEED, AS and WHEN you NEED IT.

Because I live in a self contained studio flat, a very small space, I have had to organise my kitchen space, in order to make my life easier for myself.

These also help to keep a working kitchen space, without taking up too much space or causing too much clutter.

I can keep my flour and baking things on one shelf and cooking things and spices on a second shelf, all within two shelves of one of my three shelf kitchen cupboards.

I can open my cupboards, whilst I’m preparing something, and it’s almost like an open plan. fold-out kitchen (!)

I call it, innovative ‘City Living’.

A role of tape costs less than a pound and lasts me about 6 months.


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