Woman’s Politics Weekly: George Floyd: A Legacy of the Tottenham Riots (?)

“…This kind of thing happens everyday in Tottenham (!)…”

‘…Give me a dozen healthy infants, well formed, and my own specified world to bring them up in, and I’ll guarantee to take any one at random and train him to become any type of specialist I might select — doctor, lawyer, artist, merchant, chief, and yes, even beggar-man and thief, regardless of his talents, penchants, tendencies, abilities, vocations, and race of his ancestors…’ From, B. F. Skinner.

‘…The whole world war over money, religion and politics and still them people hungry…’ From, Protoje

Reporting, Base Camp, Tottenham, London

Thursday 4th June, 2020

I am slightly insulted by what is happening in America,

“This type of thing happens everyday in Tottenham (!)” I cry.

Whilst an ex (forced early retirement) police officer explains, that if you feel the need to smash a window, you are not a bad person, it is merely the system that has put you in that position.

There is a police prejudice/culture of bullying against BAME and people with disabilities and mental health issues within the Police Force, he details.

There are some ‘bad apples’, but there are many good people within the Police Force who want to help people.

Mental Health has become the Police Force’s major priority here in Tottenham, Haringey and Wood Green.

Instead of fighting crime, the Police Force are rescuing people and mediating with them on the top of blocks of flats.

It seems the legacy of the Tottenham Riots; poorly portrayed by the media, a few grumpy old women and politicians Labour MP David Lammy and Prime Minister David Cameron, outraged by their children’s looting and behaviour, failed to establish and denied the BAME community the reality of their experiences, here in Tottenham.

The response has been phenomenal, Tottenham is a peaceful and family orientated borough where people of all walks of life, particularly the rich and famous, choose to live work and stay.

But at the same time, the media did not portray the ACTUAL hardship and lack of access to vital services, like the NHS, the Department for Work & Pensions and Social Security, that our BAME and wider international communities face.

Whilst George Floyd receives a very empathetic response now regarding the associated backlash and riots in America.

Meanwhile here in Tottenham, the response was not so empathetic, and now, the apples have been counted for the lack of oranges it seems, and many sick, poor, abused, over worked and frustrated BAME are being shuffled into the Mental Health system, this includes the NHS as well as the legal and justice system, instead of getting access to what they actually need.

Brutalised, arrested, poorly represented, denied the reality of their experiences would lead anyone to poor mental health if nothing else.

Stabbings and shootings have risen the last 9 years since the riots, phenomenally.

This is due to a black market perhaps (?) due to the lack of access to vital services listed above.

And we find ourselves with this vicious cycle.

“‘It’s the enigma” Alan tells me, my mentor in life, he started a Business Club at the Job Centre, but something happened and now we sit outside McDonald’s drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes.

He too has been denied the reality of his experiences and he feels, oppressed by the mental healthcare and treatment he has received from the NHS and the justice system, as a black man.

‘Brexit’ and the last 4 years of British and World politics has been a very exciting time, as it seems, ‘Brexit’ gave us the joy and experience, to break some of the barriers that have previously divided us.

Not just racial barriers, blurring the lines between what it means to be black and white, and how this can no longer be used to determine your nationality.

We have questioned what it means to be Conservative.

We have questioned what it means to be Labour.

We have questioned what it means to be Liberal.

We have questioned what it means to be ‘rich’.

We have questioned what it means to be ‘poor’.

We have questioned what it means, to be religious and to have faith.

Also, things that once seemed to divide us, no longer do, age barriers for example, as we unite over songs such as ‘We didn’t set the fire’.

Whilst the entire world takes a massive vacation, MP’s complain how Boris Johnson, was always leading, until now.

Another MP says, he takes valuable criticism as personal attack.

So it seems, arguing with Boris, is like having an argument with the Flat Earth Society.

Meanwhile in the USA, instead of fighting ‘the other’ for gas and diamonds, Trump has got the wrong country and the wrong continent, and is attacking his own people.

‘STOP Trump’


And as we all take a PAUSE, from Capitalism.

It’s capitulation time.

Whilst the best thing America can do, is copy Tottenham (!?)

One way to quell this culture and intolerance of ‘the other’ that the police officer details exists within the police force, as well as inequity amongst BAME in the workforce, is to get rid of VISA’s.

But I am not too sure what Priti Patel will say about this affecting her purse strings.

WHAT to do:

There is a culture of what is known as ‘Police Brutality’ and our BAME communities must be made aware, in particular  young Black, Asian and Muslim men and women, that they are not criminals and they were not the ones at wrong.


It is ok to speak about it and I believe you should speak to your local MP.

In the meantime I look forward, to building a BAME party here who can be represented in the Houses of Parliament.

It’s GREAT that Tottenham News want to start counting the number of BAME deaths from Covid -19, 3 months too late, but THE main objective of this paper, is to highlight, the amount of ‘invisible’ people that we have in London and the UK as a whole (!)

By ‘invisible’ I mean, internationals, who are not in ‘the system’, do not have papers, the right to work, or a GP, and therefore, are not aloud free access to the NHS and cannot be ‘counted’ as such, but are at probably at the highest risk.

Last of ALL, WHY the FUCK are there so many, for some reason, immigrants, fleeing their home countries, fleeing violence and persecution, who happen to be muslim (?) and settling in Europe, since 9/11 (?) This brings to the surface, something far more sinister, WHAT appears to be, a genocide against Muslims.

All because of one fucking priest, who decided to associate the 9/11 bombings, with the Quran (?)

And now, it’s all blowing up, in HIS face.

A vast majority of Africa and Africans are also, Muslim, so this also informs a vast majority of BAME and also thus, includes a genocide against Blacks, Asians, and Minority Ethnic Groups.



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