COVID- 19 The Stalking-Horse of The English Revolution (?)

This is WHAT happens, when you work people to death…

This is WHAT happens, when you don’t pay people enough…

This is WHAT happens, when you throw your body parts, rubbish, chemicals and GM crops into our water systems…

This is WHAT happens, when you deny people medical care…

Their bodies ADAPT, into new diseases.


Despite this, you greedy mother fucking arseholes, still do not have the decency to be HUMAN, just fucking animals (as usual) -ALL YOU CAN THINK ABOUT IS WHEN YOU ARE NEXT GOING TO STUFF FOOD IN YOUR FAT GOB.

Meanwhile, people who are really sick, where food is your last concern, because most of the time you are worried about your life and whether the NHS will even give you any life dependendent and life saving drugs to keep you alive the last 10 years, and who look, nearly dead, get kicked to one side, because they are ‘not strong enough’ to deal with the virus they spawned themselves, whilst a bunch of attention seekers who feel they may have a slight cough or temperature, think they are a priority and get all the help and benefits that they definitely do not need.

Meanwhile, NHS workers, who refuse to treat patients, based on a ‘don’t want to work for my money’ policy (are actually the reason, COVID-19 was spawned in the first place in the poorest areas of London, where we still have VISA and immigration laws that outdate, most people, and where there is subsequently, a lot of racial hatred, within the NHS workplace, towards whites and different factions of BAME), get rewarded, with free food from restaurants, goodies and benefits and services available to them (?) wtf. -Please be aware these people are the highest (!) risk targets in this COVID- 19 game now.

‘With good health comes good hope’, WHY are all black men in Tottenham either on crack, heroine, both, or weed, or all three and more (?) -VISA and immigration laws that deny internationals access to the same services, means, naturally, there will subsequently be a prejudice against ALL BAME, internationals, and there will be inequality in our society.

This has totally fucked up Brexit as well, where instead of seeing this as an opportunity to get rid of VISA’s and become more cosmopolitan, the NHS wants to take this to another level, and get rid of people, using Corona as an excuse, instead of admitting, a very simple problem: The NHS is totally incompetent and inept.

KEEP SHOPPING HARINGEY (!) Capitalism will save you (!) -Remember, to check, if it’s ‘MADE IN CHINA’ hahaha.

What is EVEN MORE HILARIOUS, is the fact that, Boris Johnson decided to put the UK in lockdown AFTER the final case was found in China (?) which makes no sense whatsoever BUT proves this virus was actually spawned, in the UK, not China.

As for Italy, well, we all know they are just a bunch of attention seekers who have to ‘join in’ all the time, even if they’re loosing.

Yes, things are even more democratic, in China, compared to here.

Photo on 22-03-2020 at 10.17.jpg

Photo on 22-03-2020 at 10.17 #2.jpg


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